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Feb 13, 2007

Laid to rest

Driving through the beauteous Marpi landmark, the overcast weather added to the morose afternoon, i was prepared for another heart-breaking scenes on the island. Indeed my expectations were met when the entourage emerged from afar escorted by the police to the CNMI Veterans Cemetery. The hearse that was carrying the remains of NMI fallen Marine Lance Corporal Adam Quitugua Emul pulled over as seven US Marines from Hawaii waited and pulled the silver casket of Adam draped with the American flag.

Local officials were present. A brief ceremony was held as US and CNMI flags were turned over to Adam's mom and dad, as well as her sister.

When a Marine played taps, the windy afternoon suddenly turned colder as the drizzle of rain didn't faze the hundreds of supporters that witnessed the interment (Feb.13)

The moment that tore everyone's heart was when the mom, dad and sister were ushered for a final goodbye to Adam, the mom and the sister bore their heads into the casket. The mom this time sobbed. The deafening silence was dominated by the heart-rending sobs and cries from the family.

It was time to bring the casket to the grave site. Adam's dad tried to pull his mom away so that the Marines could proceed and carry the casket to the site. Adam's mom refused, crying, screaming "No!"

My heart just melted.

The Reveler
Photos by JH/ST

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