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Feb 21, 2007

NMC's presidentiables...off island?

Yes. Off island candidates. Somebody told me that the CNMI dealt with this issue long before that the college should hire someone local?

Just wondering. Late 2006, according to the tabloids, that five off island candidates expressed interest and now it's down to two--a man and a woman. The paper reported that the candidates held dialogues with Northern Marianas College students and faculty to share their vision for the college.

The question is, would the locals really mind if the president is from the mainland?Does that mean there are no qualified presidents on the island or these competent college presidentiables just don't care anymore due to the college's lack of support from the government and the community?

Next week is the verdict from the NMC Board of Regents.

Who could it be? an "off-islander" or an "off-islander?"

The Reveler
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Anonymous said...

Yes. The committee (of local people) decided that there were no qualified local candidates to recommend to the BOR (local people) so educated and experienced Americans (read American citizen not white person) were chosen as finalists.

The issue here should not be the fact that the next college president will be an "off-islander" - the issue should be finding the best American to run the college - regardless of where they were raised.

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