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Feb 22, 2007

Here come the feds again...

After the Feb. 8 hearing in Washington, D.C. on CNMI labor, immigration, law enforcement and economic condition, CNMI government and private sector leaders now have to deal with two visiting U.S. Senate staffers--former Insular Affairs Director Allen Stayman and Josh Johnson--supposedly for another fact-finding mission. Whether the federal takeover of CNMI immigration is a done deal and that their visit is only for a 'show', we may have to find out soon.


Anonymous said...

Of course the trip is not for "show" - these are Democrats and would therefore never partcipate in a junket.....

I hope they get some other opinions besides the self appointed (or is it "annoited") CNMI spokeswoman, Tina Sablan. She is taking all of us out on the limb with her by throwing the covenant out and handing our future over to the Feds. Not sure where she got the idea that the Feds were so good at managing immigration and labor.....

Anonymous said...

check this interesting link


opinion written by current governor's press secretary Charles P. Reyes Jr. for Saipan Tribune on Aug. 19, 1999

We have a new name for Mr. Allen Stayman. From now on, Mr. Stayman will be known as “Stayman the scoundrel” in the Northern Marianas.

This is not mere name-calling, since a scoundrel is officially defined as “a mean, worthless fellow; a rascal; a villain; a man without honor or virtue.” Such a description fits Mr. Stayman's character perfectly.

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