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Aug 31, 2007

Power Rangers Power Off!

A Taiwanese utilities corporation is now on the island providing a "free" assessment of the power plants around the CNMI. The ever huggable Saipan Mayor brought the group from Guam after being referred to by Taiwan's North American Affairs minister in July.

The Mayor hosted a dinner for the group together with the Acting Gov. Timothy P. Villagomez. The highlight of the meeting was that the power company initially concluding that the main cause of power problem here in the CNMI is maintenance of the power plant.

As the dinner went on, the power in that area suddenly went off. "Mayor, meeting this group is very timely huh?" quipped the acting governor.

Was the blackout part of the setup, to make the meeting more credible, thus provide more drama?

The Reveler


Anonymous said...

the power going off like it did was not good... put's any negotiators on our side in a worse position as we look desperate... oh wait? maybe we are desperate. anyways...that wasn't good from a negotiating standpoint.

max sand said...

The mid meal blackout would be a good strategic move only if accompanied by an envelope under the table.

Anonymous [#006] said...

The "setup" blackout theory attributes too much planning ability to the collective hard-working management at CUC, as if they would be motivated to promote privatization at the expense of their own careers anyway.

beetle said...

and so what happens to the director of cuc? does he power gets off to like the rest of the cnmi peoeple?

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