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Nov 15, 2007

Bite My Head Off

The Governor wrote a letter to Department of Interior Sec. Dirk Kempthorne asking for the removal of current Federal Ombudsman Jim Benedetto's "head" in the CNMI. However, Kempthorne is renewing Benedetto to remain as the Ombudsman in the Commonwealth for another three years.

The renewal seems to make Benedetto stay longer than the current governor, whose term is up for two more years.

Hmmm...I wonder now, if the local government also had asked for Cohen's head?


glend558 said...

To make a long story short read my post #772. This man is bonkers.

lil_hammerhead said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lil_hammerhead said...

They've been pretty good staving off federal legislation for the last 15 years. Who knows, maybe there is a method to the madness? Maybe this is part of some elaborate plan? So far the score is something like CNMI-4, Feds-1.

Envelop Ideas said...

The problem with Ben is he see goblins everywhere. He is paranoid of the mess by the monster he experimented.

Wake up! The party is over..

Anonymous said...

If anyone up in the Governor's office had a brain in their head, they wouldn't need to ask for Benedetto's

Tom said...

Isn't this like Al Capone asking for Elliot Ness to be fired?

The Writers said...

to anonymous: lol

update: fed officer shared that the more the local government does this, the more he's going to be pinned down by the feds.

pin me down said...

what do you mean by pinned down?

bradinthesand said...

...are you sure it wasn't worded wrong in the story? the way i hear it, it sounded like he was asking benedetto for head.

jim, would you please clarify?

pin me down said...

what do you mean by head? i'm confused. if fitial gets more hot-headed against benedetto, the more benedetto will be "pinned down" by his superiors. arrr, huh?

rev said...

not benedetto the gov. sori 4 dat.

Another Saipanuvian said...

Head, who said head?!

Congrats, HP, on #1200. Sorry I missed it. The Beav was off-island until 0100.

Another Saipanuvian said...

Congrats, Jim, on another three years.

After five years you're now vested, but there's always that "high three" to consider.


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