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Nov 4, 2007

Saipan Casino Axed

It was unanimously voted from all the precincts that the Saipan Casino Act should not be allowed on Saipan. However, Rotanese decided that it is. Those that said Yes for Saipan Casino were 3,492 while No is 4721. Despite the result these figures only show that people are really divided in this issue. There is a significant number of CNMI residents that desire for that "hope" from a casino on Saipan.

The Rota Casino Act of 2007 result shows that 788 of them want the casino while 144 was not in favor.

On other highlights of the election, Tina Sablan is currently on 6th place while Cinta is in 8th place. Tina is only ahead of Janet Maratita by 13 votes. Still there are 333 absentee voters to consider in two weeks. However, Zaldy of Marianas Variety said the trend for absentee voting is usually the same with the actual voting here in the CNMI. Only six will be selected from Tina's precinct.

Waki is in 7th place in his precinct? GOP mostly won. Crisostimo and Salas are on neck and neck battle for one seat at the Senate.

Ray Sakisat got nine votes out of over 800 voters.

For the partial list of the election results follow this link.


Voter said...


I hope you had fun election night!

rev said...

yup. we did! enjoyed conversation with friends esp with OAG staff...;-)

Voter said...

I hope no incriminating photos will be posted of lazy government workers sleeping (and snoring) on the job!

Voter said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Voter said...

P.S. Your website clock is an hour slow. An hour ago I was at Mass at Mt. Carmel Cathedral.

P.P.S. Please delete my embarrassingly misspelled post above.

rev said...

lol. we got one photo might make it to this blog. love those two feet sticking out during counting. ;-) we had fun listening to the snore, btw.

O. Calimbas said...

In the RP, the oligarchy of families always will remain, despite itself, despite the most progressive constitution in the world, and despite the wealth grotesquely concentrated in the hands of the few.

The only serious competition are the celebrities.

So, perhaps the CNMI needs teleseries, local films and game shows to cultivate an independent candidate/celebrity that can shake up the old school political arena.

(How about a tao tao big brother show? Who would be on it? Who gets evicted?)

Okay, I may be joking, but if you were wanting change, like me, you've got to be quite disheartened by the results.

Anonymous said...

It is refreshing to see the majority of our people reject the asinine casino act. But it scares me to know that 3,492 people actually voted in favor of it. I don't have a problem with casinos, but I have a major beef with monopolies, opportunists, and crooks.

Ed Propst

rev said...

exactly. the fact remains that the votes are divided on this issue, should make the people on guard about it. did the votes even make a 70 percent of the actual voters? in any statistical analysis this result should not be ignored.

Island Dyke said...

Calimbas makes some great points.

Despite well written constitutions, in my opinion, it is the community that should collectively decide on its system and applications, not the few (or in this case the over-employed) elected officials. They promise to represent, but do they?

On the other-hand perhaps on some deep unacknowledged subconscious form, societies are living out their karmic destiny from previous lives...hmmmmm

A good book to read is "Healing Politics; Citizen Policies and the Pursuit of Happiness" by Steven Shafarman. It offers a system that has the community all participating and sharing

A little more love and spirit of sharing is needed.

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