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Nov 20, 2007

Saipan Blogger vs. Hypercritical Thinker

Alas! These prominent bloggers are taking print media by "tropical" storm with their writing whims. Hypercritical thinker Jeff Turbitt writes for Marianas Variety and we read his column every Wednesday. Now Saipan Blogger Angelo Villagomez will soon be writing for Saipan Tribune. He just made the deal yesterday.

I wonder what could he be writing? Environment of course, but we will see about that. Villagomez for us is equally "hypercritical" of things.

Congratulations Saipan Blogger. Now, you can write about anonymous comments for the island to read and ponder upon!

Kudos to both!


Anonymous said...

I've always enjoyed Jeff Turbitt's articles, whether I agree with them or not. Jeff, loved the "New Rules" article...too funny!

And Devillo, ummmm, let's see, wait, I'm trying to think of something nice to say about you. Man, give me a year and I'll get back to you...

Ed Propst

rev said...


sblogger said in his blog that he would be a reporter/freelance writer for environmental beat

Mr. PNG said...

Congratulations Angelo, welcome to the salt mines. Will you wield the sabre or the puppy?

Will the Trib censor and edit your work like they do mine or will your freedoms of speech and press be respected?

Will you address tough environmental issues such as shark finning in our commonwealth and the financial responsibility of clean-up after a generation of industrial pollution to our land and water?

Perhaps you should do a point-counter point on sensitive issues with Mr. Hypercritical, such as legalized abortions, 3.55 per hour, the church’s role in the community, and organized crime in the CNMI.

What will you rank at the Trib.? I mean between you Bateman, who will salute who?

weathermen anonymous

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