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Aug 27, 2008

Cable Blackout

As an old adage goes, "For every action, there's an equal reaction," or as some would call, the "Domino Effect," this is evident now with the current cable tv provider on the island.

I have spoken to several subscribers and they are asking why the cable tv goes off for at least 4 hours a day. Worst has been 10 hours on the record. These subscribers are clamoring now that they are paying for the same subscription fees and getting poor service. Should they understand this because of the rolling blackouts?

Some caught the provider's attention and denied that there hasn't been any interruption. I can tell there has been. Our household is a victim too.

Subscribers have endured the cable service that has been airing week old shows except CNN and Fox. Even our friends from around the world gasped in surprised when they learned that we got the Olympics coverage a week old. I told them that even local news in Guam is a week old.

However, we are thankful that there's cable tv on the island. Better than nothing right? Yet, the interruption of service at least four hours a day, has raised some eyebrows on the island.

What gives?


Anonymous said...

MCV needs to figure out a way to give discounts for failing to provide full service.

BTW, the one day delay in programming being preached by the MCV Manager is a bunch of crock. It is actually 8 days behind! At least with the Bay Area programming back then, we can expect an exact one week delay, not one week plus one day!

Lil' Hammerhead said...

I heard that MCV is in the process of laying its own telecommunications/broadband cable between here and Guam, and that they will be offering television, phone and internet packages, and off a full range of digital services in HD. I also heard that they will be selling linespace.. which will create some necessary competition.

The problem with MCV, that PTI doesn't have is.. their lines are not underground and typhoon proof. A typhoon will be roaring outside, and as long as you have power.. you're online! MCV used to be out whenever the power was out between you and the station.. but that was resolved using some type of battery backup relay system of some sorts.. problem is..according to their helpline, they are waiting on parts or batteries for various area relays.

Anonymous said...

On Guam, MCV already has a package for TV, Telephone and Internet service. They already have their telephone service on Guam.

GTA (Guam Telephone Authority) announced last week there launching cable as well.

We have more choices here.

Cellphone: HafaTel, Guamcell, IConnect, mPulse, PTI, It&E and more.

And so you don't make this
mistake again:

Guam's news is not a week old,
we get most things LIVE.
Or at the lastest, one day old.

We don't get it a week old like
you guys in the CNMI.

Research before you talk.

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