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Aug 23, 2008

Should PSS postpone start of classes?

With regard to the request of the CNMI Governor to postpone the start of the 2008-2009 school year in the CNMI for another two weeks, should the Public School System again move it for another two weeks?

Due to budget constraints the PSS had to move the start of the new school year from August to September. Now that CUC has been under "disrepair" the local government is making an effort again to alleviate pains in school by providing uninterrupted power supply to at 20 public schools in the CNMI by the suggested postponement.

Does this move again indicate that education is a priority on the islands? In the past SOCA's (State of the Commonwealth Address) the Governor did not mention anything about the state of education in the CNMI, hence disappointing educators and officials during his past two state addresses.

Guam last school year started class with broken air-conditioners and clamored about it. Can the CNMI classes start without power at all?


Anonymous said...

The call to start classes was fine and in fact the Governors request to postpone it an additional two weeks was straight forward.

I say this because there are numerous students who started classes weeks ago in the private school who go through and endure long hours of classes with virtually no power.

Lil' Hammerhead said...

It doesn't make sense to start classes if kids are going to have to be bussed back home 2 hours after they arrive due to a power outage.

I say.. kids can stay in school during the outages. PSS feels otherwise.

Anonymous said...

What do we do if the power situation still isn't squared away after two weeks? Delay school for another two weeks?

Anonymous said...

What difference does it make? The governor always gets his way.

This is the same governor who said education was one of the pillars in his campaign. He had four E's during his campaign. What were they again? Education, economy, environment, and what was the fourth one again?

Oh yes! Evil! Hahahaha!

In 2009, unless someone new comes in, I will not vote for any of these lame candidates and there is not a chance I will vote for Fitial or a Republican. I'm tired of these old politicians. Please retire and let us recruit more Tina Sablans!

Delaying PSS? Why not just close the executive branch during this time? What a bunch of dirty rotten scoundrels.

Anonymous said...

School should open on schedule; no postponement.

Retirement Fund should not invest (if one can call it that) in CUC.

Lil' Hammerhead said...

Then he should have called for PSS to change it's policy of sending kids home during outages?

I'd agree with that one.

If teachers don't want to teach in the class.. they can take the students outside. Do something creative.

Anonymous said...

the question is not about teaching classes outside in a creative setting but the health and safety requirement of the law that all schools have to comply with.

without any proper water running to run toilets or the cafeteria's then you cannot have classes period.

Anonymous said...

I agree, it is also about the sanitation. If it's really hot in the classroom, do you think the students can concentrate on their studies? In addition, can the CUC just turn off the power from 5:00 am to 12:00 noon,instead of 11:00 pm till morning so the students can sleep. I'm not a student, I go to work but can hardly work because I'm still sleepy, did not sleep the night before. CUC loves to turn the power off randomly. If you like turning it off for 8 hours so be it but please not at night. We are more susceptible to robbery & other criminal mischief.

Anonymous said...

Tony muna and benignorantfitial in...

Endless love.

spoiled said...

We never saw an aircondition in a classroom. That may date me, but it's true. We did just fine. Water is one thing, but sending students home because there is no power is not appropriate. Is it more condusive to your child's learning to hold class without power, or send them home?

Lil' Hammerhead said...

Off topic: Hey guys! Will my blog ever make your "pick of the week"? ;} I'm dying to see my little window on the side of your blog page :}

Anonymous said...

Private schools are already opened. No reason to delay opening public schools?

Anonymous said...

Private school have generators and toilet paper.

Anonymous said...

The school my kids go to have AP Physics, AP Calculus, AP History, AP English Literature, toilet paper and no generator. They started school last week. The teachers do not bitch that there is no airconditioning during power outages. The students do but they still come to class, study hard and get impressive grades.

cactus said...

All but the newest public schools were built to be open to the air, with louvered windows on both sides, so let's turn off the air cons and open them back up.

What need is there to educate our kids in artificially created windowless iceboxes, except for an insidious and misguided desire to impress ourselves with how "modern" and "American" we are?

Rather than close up the school buildings, which are sensbily built to accommodate our tropical climate rather than defy it at great aesthetic and economic cost, we ought to be putting up more buildings like them.

Anonymous said...

Actually their is a federal requirement that mandates all schools to serve their breakfast and lunch in a set temperature requirement.

The issue of running water and hot water is yet another requirement that cannot be circumvented.

If such was the case then all restaurants will get away with health codes for lack of adequate power.

richard simmons said...

no aircon might make some of these fat ass kids loose weight. our lazy ass loser leaders support "no kid's behind left behind" instead of having outdoor classes for their over sized asses.

Unaiveia said...

NO WAY! we will have to work until july if they keep pushing it back! not all schools lose water... and what about tinain and rota schools? they will be penalized (or rewarded if you are a kid right...) for saipans woes YET AGAIN!

cactus said...

"Actually their is a federal requirement that mandates all schools to serve their breakfast and lunch in a set temperature requirement."

Great. You know, it had not occurred even to me to think that "federal requirements" had a role in keeping our schools sealed up -- federal temperature requirements, no less, which I expect bear no relation whatsoever to our climate.

Sometimes I think we're not paranoid ENOUGH.

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