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Aug 2, 2008

Quick Note: 5x Off

I don't know if you notice at all, but in our area the power goes off at least five times a day. Wonder if that would reduce our next CUC bill....


Anonymous said...

Yup. Here, too. Maybe what we save in power during blackouts will cover the major appliances that burn out due to power spikes.

And while Rome burns, legislators and attorneys fly back to D.C. at taxpayer expense to lobby against the Marine monument. Go figure!

Anonymous said...

More stupidity from our leaders. People need to stop putting all the blame on Gov Fitial's shoulders and start blaming the inept legislators and senators. Why are they so reluctant to give up their leased cars and slush fundages? The power outages are only a small part of our problem, but obviously the most noticeable.

Anonymous said...

No need to “[w]onder if that would reduce our next CUC bill.”

Just check your electric meter regularly to check on your kilowatt-hour usage.


With the price of electricity being what it is, most people should be checking their meter weekly, triweekly, or even daily so they know what they're spending as they spend it.

That way, the monthly CUC bill will not be a surprise.

Lil' Hammerhead said...

No it won't reduce your bill in the end. CUC increases the rate so drastically so often.. that five days of use now is equal to 30 days of use two years ago.

It seems that as their capacity to provide power slides, and you use less power.. they increase the rates for that power. So much so that you end up paying more and more, for less and less.

Anonymous said...

Would giving the Lt Gov a boat qualify us for a power discount?

g00$e said...

How about giving the LT Guv'nah the boot?

Also, checking your meter won't help. Hell, sometimes CUC doesn't even check your meter. They base their charges on 'estimates' based on your past use.

Anonymous said...

All the more reason to keep track of one's meter. Eventually the estimates must be brought up to date with an actual reading.

Knowledge is power.

Know your meter reading.

Anonymous said...

would a nioe fishing pole earn us a small discount?

Anonymous said...

In connection with suing, can I sue CUC for my broken appliances? broken modem, lost of income? He!he!he!

boat for sale said...

lt Gov is in trouble for stealing and sweating over receiving the boat for the contract given by CUC.

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