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Aug 12, 2008

On a Sad Note...

Photo taken by Saipan Tribune with regard to the indictment of CNMI Lt. Gov. Timothy P. Villagomez and three others.

From the Press Release the federal court statement said that the indictment is only an accusation until proven guilty.


tuna are runnin said...

Fishing anyone?

Anonymous said...

Another criminal making decisions about CGWs. Hang this one and improve the status of our decent law abiding workers. Cut them loose and set them free.

crooks against the monument said...

noni - you said:

"Many people think they know, but if it were true don't you think some charges would have been brought against someone for this?

John and Bob sold the fucking boat to Tim."

So now you admit that the Lt. Gov did get a boat, one of the finest in our harbor, while he was in charge of CUC from a huge contract recipient?

How much was paid? Did Tim have money for that style boat? Was Tim's account checked? How much is the boat worth? Was it cash? Have the feds questioned all parties on this? Whoever cooperates first gets the best deal!!!

titanic said...

bob did not give the boat away and was not happy about it(meaning timmy getting his boat).

Anonymous said...

"Was it cash?"

Indeed. There is an obvious conflict of interest in this boat deal. A huge million dollar contract was sole sourced to the man who was involved in the transfer of a very nice fishing vessel to the Lt. Gov. Power plant 2 engines are down. What happened to the money? Were parts ordered? What parts were ordered and for how much? Why wasn't this put out to bid? Before the sole source contract, how much was Jones worth?

This might very well be another 'purchase for $10 and sell for $1,000.00 back to CUC.' CISCO and it's merry band of assholes has a lot of questions to answer.

g00$e said...

Proven guilty? Who's gonna prove 'em guilty? Look what happened with Shinohara and crew on Guam. Stand by for a replay here.

Tim's is a nice boat, but I wanna know who owns the one two berths down fomr his.

Anonymous said...

Sounds a little like anonymous above didn't get that contract for himself and now has a bad case of envy working. Tsk Tsk

Anonymous said...

Shit bird above:

I would have loved to get the contract, only like everyone else, I knew nothing about it. Why? It was SOLE SOURCED you asshole licking toilet hound!

bradinthesand said...

"asshole licking toilet hound!"

my vote for best insult of 2008

Anonymous said...

How about "You cock sucking, asshole licking creampie thunder cunt biatch!"

Lil' Hammerhead said...

Nope.. A.L.T.H. is right to the point

bigsoxfan said...

I'm with the caveman. Look back through the press releases and see how many engine/power troubles were related to overheating and then read the indictments. Someone sold the Cuc a lot of chemicals which were intended to reduce overheating over the years. Not that the Lt. is responsible, but I would pay a little more attention, should I be on the jury.

Anonymous said...

Why is it a sad note that the crooks got caught?

They were stealing, they must go to jail! Plain and simple!

Anonymous said...

Is that Mr. Mike Teno in the picture?

Is this the same guy who is Kilili's Campaign Manager?

Biba Kilili!!!

Biba Kuruption!!!

Antonio said...

So, Mike Teno is kilili's chairman?

I was going to vote for another candidate but now that I know Mike Teno is kilili's chairman, I will change my vote and also ask my families to vote for kilili.

Anonymous said...

Boat for sale - Call Tim at Club Fed

Anonymous said...

You would have to be a politician here to afford the fuel for boat.

Hell, does Heinz and Diego own boats?

Anonymous said...

What delagate candidates have ties to Tim V.?

Anonymous said...

Must be John O. since he works out of the Govt PIO office in the administration building and was a Covenant candidate for Senate.

Anonymous said...

The US should eliminate the embarassment that is the NMI and fold those islands into Guam. If the dum-dums did that, they would be the 51st state. As a state, they would have 2 senators, which would give the people there 50 times the power, clout, and financial opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Antonio...You're voting for Kilili since Mike Teno is his chair.

I suggest everyone do their homework and don't vote for crooks. Advocate change through your votes. This is why we are in this mess.

Anonymous said...

The last Noni made an excellent and valid point. Don't you find it hypocritical that thousands of discontent voters are still being fluenced by the same powers-that-be?

I mean, they talk about corruption and past mistakes caused by our leaders (both past and present), yet they openly support candidates whom are associated by these same leaders. When is ENOUGH really ENOUGH?!?! And what CHANGE do these hypocrites speak of?


Pete A. Tenorio

Wasn't Pete A. a Founding Father? Wasn't he a former Lt. Governor? Did he not serve 2 terms as Washington Rep? Is Pete A. GOP's candidate? The same GOP that holds the leaderships of both Houses of the present Legislature.


Wasn't Kilili a Congressman? Isn't the latter's committee being chaired by the son of a 3-term governor? Who's endorsing Kilili? Are there any GOP legislators supporting him?

John Gonzales

Why is John Gonzales running, really? Is he not working for the Department of Public Lands? Does he also work at the Governor's Office? Is he being endorsed by the Governor? Is the Covenant Party endorsing him?

Critics to present day CNMI policies who support any of the three above-listed candidates should just shut the fuck up! Really! Bunch of Hypocrites!

Biba Pete A. and Regret Later!

Biba Kilili and Complain Later!

Biba Gonzales and Regret and Complain Later!

As for those who want REAL CHANGE, ask yourselves the following:

1) Why is the CNMI in such a mess today?

2) Who caused the mess?

3) Who's in power and what has s/he done to address this mess?

4) And finally, why should YOU listen to them on who YOU should vote for as the 1st NMI Delegate to the U.S. Congress?

Think about it and vote your conscience. DO NOT VOTE in accordance with what others think or who they believe you should vote for! Basically, DON'T BE A HYPOCRITE.

Biba CNMI!

Anonymous said...

Vote Lizama so Ray Yana and Antonio Atalig could remain much longer in jail.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Kilili have a conviction for bringing a loaded gun onto a plane?

Anonymous said...

Yes, kilili had a loaded gun, he hijacked the airplane and was on CBS, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, HBO, NBC, KSPN, VARIETY AND TRIBUNE.

Didn't you read about it, Noni?

Anonymous said...

Noni cannot read so he does not know the news.

Anonymous said...

Or it is untrue.

Case numbers or internet links?

Anonymous said...

Bruce Bateman has a good article in the Saipan Tribune today about the presumption of innocence.

See Bruce Bateman, “Sensation sells,” Saipan Tribune, Tuesday, August 19, 2008, reprinted in http://www.saipantribune.com/newsstory.aspx?newsID=82648&cat=3.

But there is one point on which I emphatically disagree:

Remember it is the job of the prosecuting attorney to “get you” whether you did it or not and it is the job of the defense attorney to “get you off” whether you did it or not. Again, let's wait and see the real evidence as offered under oath in court.

No, Bruce, it is NOT the job of a prosecutor to “railroad” an innocent man “whether he did it or not.” That would be a grave violation of a prosecutor's oath of office.

I have practiced law here in the CNMI for over a decade, and have never seen or heard of any Assistant U.S. Attorney or Assistant AG engaging in such misconduct in the CNMI.

Yes, it happens occasionally in the mainland -- the Duke University rape allegations against the lacrosse players comes to mind -- but fortunately we haven't had that sort of bad apple here in the Commonwealth.

One reason for our “good luck” in this regard is that there is nothing for a would-be Eliot Spitzer to gain by such misconduct -- the CNMI does not elect district attorneys based on how many defendants they put away.

Anonymous said...

"I have practiced law here in the CNMI for over a decade, and have never seen or heard of any Assistant U.S. Attorney or Assistant AG engaging in such misconduct in the CNMI."

The fact that the AG cannot and will not prosecute the thieves in this Gov't is proof that they are not upholding their oaths to office. The AG's office and it's minions are nothing more than has been lawyers who never made it in the US Mainland. You should be ashamed of yourselves, and embarrassed. The AGs who've crossed over to private practice have litigated some of the same cases while they were AG, or litigated cases which they helped build as an AG. This is borderline malpractice.

fact is better than fiction said...

The CNMI bar has always been a group against federalization and trying to keep their own power base. They are the group encouraging Fitial to sue.

Tim is guilty and he got a boat from John J, just ask Bob H or Mark H.

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