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Oct 24, 2008

Unpaid Holidays...Should There be an Exemption?

Now that the "no pay holidays" will kick off on Nov. 4, reports said, the community has posed this question - should there be an exemption within the government offices?

The Commonwealth Health Center for instance. Medical professionals have been worried that aside from not getting "on-call" pay anymore, the holiday pay would also be omitted. They said they are somehow glad to get fewer on-calls hence they can relax more and have a break once in a while.

Would this affect emergencies at the hospital when these medical professionals would rather stay home or away from the hospital since they are not going to get paid?

The government is so cash-strapped and it is indeed very challenging now in that position especially in this crisis. Some people say that the government should dissolve offices such as the Municipal Council and realign its budget to emergency expenses such as to the Public Health.

If there were emergencies at the hospital and no doctors and nurses around, maybe it would be a wrong time when that emergency falls on a holiday.

For more details on the no pay holiday dates, read on....


Anonymous said...

Municipal Council, Women's Affairs, Carolinian Affairs, Indigenous Affairs, Saipan Mayor's Office, Bilingual Office, Public Lands slashed to 3 staff, cca program slashed, cabinet member slashed to 6 and only 1 staff each, legislature 1 staff no expense accounts, no lease cars, no cellular, no trips.

nice start said...

Nice start above but what about all the freakin lawyers getting paid by the NMI?

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