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Oct 14, 2008

Know Your Delegate Wannabes: Won on Winning

Just an excerpt from the news today focusing on CNMI Delegate candidate Chong Man Won. This candidate sort of surprised the community when he announced his intention to run for the Delegate seat couple of months ago.
“I’M a businessman, a family man and just a regular average person who, like most of the people here, is fed up with the way things are,” says Independent congressional delegate candidate Chong Man Won.

He does not have political experience but he “threw his hat” into the election ring because he knows he has the drive and the will to accomplish what needs to be done.

Won holds a bachelor of science degree in electronic engineerin from DeVry Institute of Technology in Columbus, Ohio.
More news on Marianas Variety. He reportedly said he's an underdog and is not investing on advertisement as he has not held any fundraising activities.


to the wire said...

It is a 3 person horse race between J. Gonzales, Pete A., and Kilili heading down the strech run.

Lil' Hammerhead said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Didn't he deliver my Kung Pao Chicken takeout last night?

what? said...

"It is a 3 person horse race between J. Gonzales, Pete A., and Kilili heading down the strech run."

not if you went to the debate.

kilili sounded horrible, john didn't answer any of the questions, and pete a. sounded, well, he sounded alright.

the other guys were just there.

hell, i ranked david cing as the winner because he didn't say anything stupid during the debate.

that was, of course, because he didn't show up.

Anonymous said...

Chong Man Won may not have political experience, but he grew up in Ohio and holds a bachelors degree as already stated. He also was a police officer in Saipan before starting a successful business.

I'm proud to know him personally and there is no one running for the delegate position who will work as hard for all the right causes. I am always amazed at his energy and enthusiasm and ability to learn. If you see him around, talk to him. You might just spot a diamond in the rough.

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