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Oct 26, 2008

Missing Person Missing....

Just following up on this thread we posted back in August about a missing contract worker on Saipan. His truck had been found and to date the police has not had any follow up story on this. We are posting recent anonymous comments below with regard to this matter:
I don't understand why is it taking too long for the DPS to provide the family the results of the investigation of the vehicle found. They believe the person is alive so where is the conclusion coming from. Was there a thorough investigation on the vehicle, assuming if there's a foul play? Why is the local govt. not responding and taking any action of the foreign workers in CNMI. The community is too small at CNMI, people should know each other and there should be some people who may have seen this guy prior missing. Did the DPS issue a memo to the nearby Islands, they should consider all the possibilities. This will distract tourist visiting this beautiful island knowing it's not safe to visit.

According to the local news the engine still warm when they found the vehicle, so there should be some leverage where to start the investigation and they can still find some traces where the vehicle came from by checking the tires. Was there any DNA found in the vehicle? We have all the latest technology available to conduct all the feasible evidence, so what's going on? I've read this blog for few months now and I have not read any latest news from the local DPS nor any update concernin g this missing person. It must be hard to the family, not knowing his whereabout.

Is there any hope to this investigation or this file is just sitting in their desk. They must understand this person has family waiting for him, he has two teenagers girls waiting for him at home also. If the local investigator couldn't find anything, they should seek some federal help to assist them to this case. Saipan is always been a very religious and friendly environment, so please give hand to his family who is presently seeking information.

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