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Oct 30, 2008

How Would You Like Your Eggs, "Xenocide" Up?

Ahh...this brings us back to our older posts about the graffiti on walls of bus stops around Saipan.

Now, it's the word "Xenocide" that is written conspicuously on its walls. I remember that some of the bus stops had graffiti that says "Priests Gays, Illegals" et. al. However, this time the vandals have caught the eye and surveillance of the police. Reports today defines what the word "Xenocide" means that is in its literal sense means "killings of foreigners."

Hmmmm...this makes us think and wonder what was the intention of this vandalism. Could the culprits even know the meaning of such word?

What actually is most interesting here is that the bus stops were newly painted. Obviously, it has caught the eyes of the graffiti artists on Saipan.

Oh well...just another note.

(Photo: Saipan Tribune)


cactus said...

I am skeptical that the writer had the faintest idea that "xenocide," in Greek, means "killing of foreigners." More likely, he thought he was writing "genocide" (which itself he probably could not define beyond a general association with violence and mayhem), souped-up with an "X" spelling.

This reminds me of two things:

1. Several years ago, I was talking with one of the kids involved in the so-called "Red Rum" gang. Much was much of the fact that "Red Rum," spelled backwards, is "murder," but when I pointed that out to the kid, he was genuinely surprised to discover it, and said something like, "Wow, that's cool."

2. There is a passage in the novel "Lonesome Dove" where one of the two old cowboys wants to paint a Latin motto on the signboard of their business, for style's sake, but when pressed he has to admit he doesn't know what the motto means. His partner scoffs, "It could say anything. For all you know, it invites people to come and rob us." The first then retorts, "I'd like to meet the robber who can read Latin. It'd be a pleasure to shoot an educated man for a change."

So anyway, with all that in mind,I would not attach too much significance to "xenocide."

On the other hand, I am curious what "priest gays illegal" (or, as sometimes written, "priest gays immortal") is supposed to mean.

Primo said...

I means some little punk needs a role model.

Bon said...

Genocide. What a deplorable thing to be painting on walls, and it's sadder that these kids actually took time to learn the word when I would guess they don't read on grade level. I wish they'd put their energy towards more productive things, and I wish we'd support programs that make that available to at risk and troubled kids. Symptom, not problem. We need solutions.

rev said...

exactly Bon. what can we do to make the youth programs worth allocating budget for and effectively encourage kids to more productive activities?

Anonymous said...

Did anybody notice the colorful designed on the wall of House of Manhoben in Texas Road, CK after the cemetery. Wow, it is colorful with good messages written on it. I make it a point to passed on that way going home because it gives me some feeling of enjoyment just looking at the building. Can you please feature it here so that whoever made those graffiti on a bus stop will be enlighten and do something better and good for the community.

Marianne said...

Wow, I think our kids need an activity center. There are several youth centers around the island, but I think they are closed now do to lack of funding. Shows where our legislators priorities are. I think any legislator that dedicates atleast a certain percent of their discretional funding to help operate and maintain their youth center in their village is investing in the well being of the children in the village, and importantly the positive outcome it will continue to have years down the road!

Bon said...

Rev: we desperately need programs for these kids. Believe me, they are hungry for structure, stability and are, for the most part, kids who just don't believe (not know) that people care and that there's a better way. Someone out there must know how to get some money for kids. PSS is tapped out and still doing it's best to provide after school sports and saturday library programs.

Lil' Hammerhead said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
benevolus said...

^Exactly. Parents should be held more accountable than the government. Don't blame the lack of a youth center for poor oversight and poor teaching of morals and behavior at home.

But as far as "xenocide" goes, what do we expect with all the anti-federal propaganda coming from the anti-monument and anti-takeover folks. Just like the politics in the states right now. Our island "leaders" need to wake up to the fact that their win-at-any-cost tactics trickle down and incite hatred among those most vulnerable to such propaganda - the kids.

Marianne said...

Perhaps we should have a boys and girls club here in Saipan!

Anonymous said...

I guess I should go home, do not want to be a victim here

No PEW-job! said...

For a group of progressive, supposedly sophisticated bloggers, you guys are seriously un-hip and uncool.

Don't you know that “Xenocide” refers to a great video game, where you wipe out invading space aliens?




See also http://fourthcheckraise.blogspot.com/2007/10/xtreme-xenocide.html (Darfur relief poster).

Those of you with adolescent youth in the house or neighborhood need to pay more attention to them, whether they are your children, siblings, cousins, or neighbors.

One way of coping with trials and tribulations is to make fun of and laugh at them. It is also useful to remain connected to each other.

Peace, bro.

Don't impute ill motives to others.

Anonymous said...

yeah right. like the kids should've spraypainted "Non-resident Evil" on the walls instead of Xenocide. Who you kidding? A graffiti is a graffiti especially on newly painted bus stops where taxpayers' money were used.

video game my tush...

Bon said...

They misspelled genocide, probably tried to spray paint it phonetically the way it sounded from the ignorant boob they heard it from.. We need youth programs for good kids and for kids who are at-risk. Parents will never be held accountable until there are teeth to parental neglect laws. However, with the availability of teen programs, we may be able to save kids who come from homes where no one cares if they are out all night. Sometimes these youth feel like they are destined to live the same lives their parents do, they feel it is hopeless.

Anonymous said...

is it possible that this "youth" is actually an adult? think.....

The Daily Yapper said...

Is it possible that no-pew job is just Saipan Dave? Weak dude, weak.

"One way of coping with trials and tribulations is to make fun of and laugh at them."

Making fun of your kids is good parenting? You're a joke, buddy. A bad one.

Glad I wasn't raised up in Casa de Emotional Cruelty. I can't wait until you start posting again so I can make fun of you more.

Don't worry, "It is also useful to remain connected to each other."

Thanks for the advice, Dr. Phil.

No PEW-job! said...

My kids are neither trial nor tribulation, pal.

Speaking of jokes, . . . .


Anonymous said...

What about a bucket of paint so I don't have to think about it every time I drive by it!

Bon said...

Just got back from a youth panel with over 200 kids from Kindergarten to 12th grade. They don't like the graffiti either. Our school stairwell just got hit Friday (well Thursday night). Anyone wanna help me find their parents or shall we work on what really gets results - turning these kids around?

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