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Jun 16, 2009

Believe It or Not?

How true is it that the Commonwealth Health Center is not going to receive ER patients for 72 hours due to shortage of ER doctors? The 72 hours is said to give the remaining doctors time to relax and unwind...



Anonymous said...

On a number of visits to the ER on weekends , my experience there was not too good. Long waits to see a PA.... not a Doctor. Was kept waiting while the PA flirted with the nurses and then eventually strolled in with a cup of coffee in hand. Way too casual for a proper ER. JMHO

super doc said...

the truth is that micronesians too often use the emergency room as their regular doctor's office.

therein lies the problem.

the emergency room is for emergencies, not because you have a fever or a tummy ache.

Mexicans and Americans and Canadians, Oh My said...

Super doc is correctomundo, but it ain't just Micronesians who abuse it so. In the States the ERs are full of the indigent, and not so indigent, using it as you describe...as a clinic , not and emergency room.

Anonymous said...

In the States and Canada they are called a "gomer" as in "get out of my emergency room!"
BTW I was in the CHC ER for a legitimate emergency and there was no doc allweekend. Just a PA from a private clinic working extra hours as side job.

Anonymous said...

Put your hand on the Bible and take these $500 pills!!!

Willi Gutowski's back at CHC!!!

The Daily Yapper said...

That what they get for paying George Clooney's high salary to run the show for so many years.

Anonymous said...

Ol' Gutowski will cast those cancer demons right out of your body!

Anonymous said...

You get what you pay for.
And nobody pays.

You want socialized medicine?
But somebody has to pay for it.

Entitlement attitudes not withstanding.

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