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Jun 25, 2009

Kilili Writes to DHS Re Airport Incident

Above is the letter of Rep. Kilili Sablan addressed to the Department of Homeland Security with regard to the reported airport incidents in Guam involving transiting passengers to the CNMI....


The Daily Yapper said...

That's the complete letter? I'd think that Kilili or his staff would have done some investigation into the incident rather than rely on media reports.

How about bringing some proof tot he table? How about finding out the names and getting depositions?

Did Kilili really risk his reputation on rumored phone calls from gubernatorial candidates looking to build some anti-federal sentiment?

There are two sides to every story and we've only heard one. Kilili, are you seriously going to waste your voice on what you've read in Saipan's local papers?

We're talking about the Marianss Variety and Saipan Tribune here, not the New York Times.

These "papers" allow the use of phrases like "word has it" and actually waste ink on Greg Cruz.

Sorry Kilili, but you need to do some homework before firing off a letter to a cabinet level official.

Anonymous said...

proof is flying to Guam.. damn.. it's like going through the gauntlet.. takes forever and is a pain in the ass.. nothing but a false sense of security..

Anonymous said...

Is this the reason why the CNMI elected Kilili? The guys who got harrased were active member of the Japanese Yakuza. At least this is what I heard from a reliable source.

Perhaps Mr. Kilili should concentrate more on the reason the CNMI elected him to the US Congress? Like asking the US Congress to compensate us for the submerge land they took? How is that for a starter, Mr. Kilili??

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Anonymous said...

My sources tell me that it was Yasu Irinaka, a long time Saipan resident, and former manager of Price Costco, that was detained.

I doubt that Yasu is a yakuza.

Anonymous said...

Flying through Guam is a pain in the rear end..... I always get the third degree questioning. This has been my experience for over 14 years. INS/DHS staff are very clinical, cold, and efficient. That ID camera and the operator that matches your passport photo irritates the hell out of me to no end. Now, if I state the ethnic group of the officers that are the most demanding and irritating...I will be accused of being a racist..... Returning to the CNMI and going through Immigration and dealing with Customs is like a breath of fresh air.

g00$e said...

My God... Filipino INS/DHS officers at the Guam airport?!?!?

Yeah I know, they're actually Chamonkeyfornians, and yup, they're jerks. They tried the 'you can't re-enter the CNMI' thing on my green card holding wife, then got pissed when she corrected them.

But what do you expect from a bunch of wannabe Amerikan (Obama ain't' changed nuthin') toy soldiers, courageously defending the outer borders of the Motherland?

Chamonkeyfornians- is that racist? Guess it depends on simian sensitivities.

I don't recall anything about submerged land compensation being part of Kilili's election run.

Anonymous said...

The Guam Airport DEA guys and dogs that greet the flights in from Manila are real champs too... All dressed up in black chump suits with 9 mm pistols in vecro holsters strapped to their legs. Arrogant strutting young storm troopers is about as close as an accurate description one can come up with.

Anonymous said...

As the nony just above points out, Storm Troopers is exactly what they are. The Brown Shirts are amongst us and their powers will only become greater as time goes by. You ain't seen nothin' yet.

Anonymous said...

They happen to mostly be redneck haoles, not Chamonifornians or whatever it is you claim.

Anonymous said...

"Federalizaton: You asked for it; you got it."

Anonymous said...

Yasu is a Yasu-ka member....;-)

Anonymous said...

5:11 pm: More info please? Or are you like the rest of the cowards that shoot their mouth off and then vanish?

g00$e said...

Nope... the ones that openly hassled us were lokes. Just read today's papers where the Guv refers to friction between Guam and CNMI Chamorros as possibly being at the root of the problem.

Waddaya think? Maybe they're pissed at the lack of respect Lujan got up here?

Or maybe they're jealous 'cuz we got our dump up and running and they're getting goosed for a million bucks a month for screwing theirs up.

Anonymous said...

Inter island rivalery? Nothing new there. Hell, the lokes of Tanapag think the lokes of Chalan
Kanoa are dumb and talk funny!

Frequent flier said...

Border patrol agents are trained to be courteous and professional. It doesn't matter what government entity, sex or ethnic background they come from. It's the "tyranny of the petty bureaucrat" coming out. If an agent is being rude, a complaint should be lodged with his or her supervisor.

Also, more often than not, if there is a conflict between an agent and a civilian, the civilian has given attitude to the agent, provoking a response.

Fly Guy said...

i never have problems when flying to or through guam. maybe if you're friendly to the officers they will be friendly back.

it works for me every time.

Anonymous said...

Contrary to today's Tribune article, Guam still controls its own customs, as will we after Saturday, November 28, 2009. DHS will not be taking over our customs inspection facilities.

Even our immigration spaces at the airports and seaports, CBP (U.S. Customs and Border Protection) still has to pay a fair market rent to CPA for those facilities and for CPB employee parking. Has CBP begun to make any facilities rental arrangements with CPA?

Likewise, CUC needs to be ready with electric meters for CBP facilities and to charge an appropriate “federal government rate” approved by the PUC that is at least as much as the highest commercial rate.

Maybe that's why DHS has been so secretive and uncooperative with the CNMI -- they are hoping to sneak in on the sly and on the cheap, just like the Feds have been trying to run their law enforcement over the past three decades.

We won't be fooled again!

Fed Lover said...

Landlords should also charge an appropriate rental rate to those DHS "petty bureaucrats" of CBP, ICE, USCIS, TSA, and all the rest.

They have to live somewhere!

I'm sure most of them are very nice fellows. Feelings of superiority are part of their job.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 5:37 and Fed Lover:

Perhaps you could come up with a new slogan for the CNMI and MVA, based on your brilliant comments? How about "CNMI: We're still biting the hand that feeds us," or "The Northern Marianas: we'll cut off our nose to spite our face"?

You sound like volunteer attorneys.

Anonymous said...

volunteer attorneys... a classic oxymoron.

Anonymous said...

You said moron. Are you talking about Ben Tan?

Pls vote for Juan Pan.

Anonymous said...

No, she's talking about Bruce Lee Jorgensen. We don't need the feds' stinkin' money. We should pay them for the service of protecting our borders!

Pls vote for Heinz.

The Daily Yapper said...

Still waiting to see if Juan Pan is the best thing since sliced bread.

Right now he's running on the Retirement Fund and, well, a lot of emptiness.

What answers does he have? You'd think he might have mentioned them when he was the president of the Saipan Chamber of Commerce.

Love to hear them answers, Juan Pan.

I don't doubt that he has them but I never trust a guy who says he's got answers and the best interests of the pubic at heart.

If he had those answers, wouldn't he forgo the political ambitions and offer his "answers" to the current leaders?

Maybe one good letter to the editor int he paper offering your solutions to the folks in charge?

Like I said Juan Pan, offer up some of those answers.

And that goes for any cliche wielding politicos who think they know what we want to hear.

Juan Pan's signs read "Experience, Solution, Juan Pan" but I keep thinking "Words, Words, Politician."

Tanapag Loke said...

Not only that but he got "T'pag Clyde" the Korean gangstah front man running his campaign.

Anonymous said...

Is Juan Pan's election committee headquarters located over the T'pag Mobil Station?

Anonymous said...

You'd hope he's smarter than that. Besides, how could he possibly keep Wide Clyde and Little Jimmy away from Herman's?

Not sent from my (or your) Blackberry

Anonymous said...

Always been courteous to airport staff - always gotten a cold reception. It's more than just the unfriendly immigration staff, it's the whole ridiculous system of requiring transit passengers who will only need to wait in the terminal, to have visas for the US.

Fed Lover said...

Agreed. But that's all part of the DHS post-2001 “security” measures, not something an individual CBP inspector has much say over.

I simply avoid Guam and transit through Japan whenever possible. More frequent flier miles that way!

I wonder how high the turn-over rate will be for DHS CBP personnel when they realize living standards aren't exactly equivalent to U.S. mainland levels? Time will tell.

Biba F-Day, Saturday, November 28, 2009!

Anonymous said...

You will be surprised at how many Filipino DHS/CPB personnel will apply......

Anonymous said...

yasu sucks cock

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