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Jun 3, 2009

DC News: Food Stamp Benefits Increase

Saipan, MP – Congressman Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan announced today that an increase in food stamp benefits will soon be available for recipients in the NMI.

“I have received word from the Department of Agriculture officials in Washington and in the Western Regional Office of the Food and Nutrition Service that they will be notifying the Governor probably this week that there is another $1.459 million available for the NMI food stamp program.

“I have written to Secretary Vilsack to say thank you. These are difficult times in the Northern Marianas; and families on food stamps need all the help they can get.”

Kilili asked Vilsack for the extra funding in February after passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act did not include the Marianas in a 13.86% across-the-board increase in food stamp benefits nationally.

“The NMI doesn’t participate in the food stamp program by statute, so when the statute was changed we were left out,” said Sablan.
Sablan lobbied Vilsack to correct the oversight; and the Secretary agreed to reprogram $1.459 million to give the Northern Marianas the same 13.86% increase as the rest of the country.

Vilsack also agreed to keep the Northern Marianas at par in the event of future changes in the benefit amount. In a May 8 letter to House and Senate appropriations subcommittee chairs Vilsack wrote that “[f]uture funding increases for CNMI will be aligned with [American Samoa] and [Puerto Rico].”

Sablan said that the local government will still be required to submit a budget for expenditure of the new money for approval by the Western Regional Office in order to begin drawing down the money. He said he had written the Governor to give him a heads up on this requirement.

“My hope is that the Governor will budget the full $1.459 million for benefits and not remove anything for administrative costs,” Kilili said.

Food stamp recipients in the Northern Marianas deserve the same 13.86% increases as food stamp recipients everywhere in the U.S.”
The CNMI was scheduled to receive $10.7 million from the food stamp program in FY09. Because of Kilili’s efforts the CNMI will now get $12.1 million.(PR)


the teacher said...

Strong work Kilili.

I don't think there is an accurate economic study of the cost of living here compared to the mainland which should show our need for increased funding in many areas, including food stamps.

If our financial eligibility requirements mirror the mainland with no idea of our cost of living, then they are not a good indicator of financial need or at what income level a citizen should earn to receive subsidies.

The Saipan Blogger said...

except that food literally grows on trees and swims in the ocean here. Rent and insurance are also much cheaper.

Anonymous said...

Arin Greenwood is doing a great job as Senior Legislative Counsel and Public Affairs Officer!

Anonymous said...

move over Richard Pierce and Lyn Knight......

g00$e said...

More Food Stamps!!! Better Times!!! Better Times!!!

Victim said...

It's not enough until we have green cards to share in those food stamps.

We've earned it through our terrible suffering at the hands of the people of Saipan.

We deserve it. It's our time now, with Obama and Kilili and Babauta on our side.

Let the good times roll!

straight truth said...

food stamps are for the weak. if you're getting them you're not trying hard enough.

Anonymous said...

Just what we need. More degrading, US economy dependents begging for dollars. We've seen what food stamps and the whole unearned welfare system has done to places like E LA, N Philadelphia and S Chicago. Crime ridden, poverty stricken areas for decades, for generations of 'something for nothing' victims. Cut the noose that binds these people to a life of do-nothing poverty. Don't add to their misery any more. Stop the food stamp program and other forms of welfare now.

Kilili wants just what other welfare statist politicians want; dependance on him and other in office pols for 'survival' and votes from the recipients of those pols' largesse.

Over time it will destroy what is left of the US.

g00$e said...

Geez, who'd-a-thunk it? It's been Food Stamps causing all our social and economic problems all along! So cut the food stamps now!!! Chalan Kanoa will turn into Santa Monica in no time!

By the way, what DID Prez Chainy and his talking (but not thinking)puppet G'dub leave of the US?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kilili!

Biba Juan & Galvin!

Food stamp for all!

Anonymous said...

As soon as I get my Green Card status and citizenship, I am voting for them and Tina, Steve Woodruff, and Jim Benedetto.

Anonymous said...

Yes, goose, who' a thunk that paying people for doing nothing would affect their behavior. Like you I am amazed that they would breed like rabbits just because they got even more money fer nothin' for having more kids they can't afford to feed.

You have convinced me, goose; it becomes obvious that the food stamp program really works and all we have to do is wait and keep taking that free gravy. Sure enough, if we just suck at that public tit long enough, CK will turn not into Santa Monica, but into Bel Aire.

the joker said...

Food stamps are not for the weak, they are intended to uplift the lives of impoverished children so that they become productive members of society.

I would agree that the strong would rather starve than accept them.

Many unemployed aliens here are pooling money and/or attempting to have sham businesses or companies.

Angelo - It is true that rents are cheap but they reflect the dilapidated quality of 95% of the market here. We have many living in inadequate housing. We have a huge housing shortage on the upper end and the few available aren’t cheap.

As for the food, we import most of our veggies and fruit, perhaps due to our dependence on government subsidies and handouts. We should also be the haven of seafood but you must go the pricey hotels for fresh fish here. Our restaurants generally serve cheap frozen imports.

The Japanese exported many types of food prior to WWII but they imported 15k Koreans to achieve that. Homeland Security may balk at that idea in this immigration climate.

straight truth said...

"Food stamps are not for the weak, they are intended to uplift the lives of impoverished children so that they become productive members of society."

no, that's what wic is for. not the same thing.

and you're nuts about the fruits, veggies and fish. you can buy tuna for $1-$2/lb from the fish vendors all over the island.

what are you talking about?

and what about the famer's market? have you never visited i lancheru natibu?

they've got the best deals in town by far! quality products at an affordable price.

sorry joker, but the laugh's on you.

btw, stop spray painting your name all over the place. if leaving monikers was really important there would be hundreds of names painted on the inside of your mother.

Anonymous said...

This is good more foodstamp for the voters. Vote Fitial he'll bring back the minimum wage to $3.05 to protect his boss nevermind whether the voters/people are suffering.


Juan & Galvin rocks

drippy vs burning said...

juan babauta sucks just as bad as benigno fitial. it's like one is syphilis and one is gonorrhea. they're both bad for you in slightly different ways.

mehearemsay said...

Guess what Heinz and Arnold want to do to us? They say it only hurts the first time.

Tip o' the HAT! said...

Heinz-Arnold-Tina (HAT)!

Nekai was the most corrupt governor in CNMI history, including Benignorant.

HAT will give more food stamp than Juan-Galvin because HAT are closer to Kilili.

Tip o' the HAT! Biba!

foodbob stamppants said...

people should feel ashamed that they need food stamps and work to better themselves.

if you can't afford to feed your kids, stop making them. be responsible and buy condoms so the mainlanders don't have to feed your rats.

Anonymous said...

Pinoy don't believe in condoms. It's against our religion.

Biba federalization! Biba green card! Biba food stamp!

We deserve justice for our oppression on American soil. Salamat Ate Tina!

Anonymous said...


They got it from your wife!

Peace.. he3

revenge of the drip said...

it's true, they did get it from my wife but i was trying to leave your mother out of it.

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