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Jun 6, 2009

Police, Puhleeease,....

'Heard about the 24 police officers in the CNMI suing the Department of Public Safety?

However, the report says that the current Commissioner is pointing his fingers to the former administration for promoting an officer. He says that there are other officers that have been serving the community for 10 years. He continues saying in his administration he practices fairness et al.

Discriminatory act or not?

Will this affect the the police officers' service to the community, considering that they "could" hold and carry grudges toward DPS?


love your blog said...

yes! you're finally back to dishing all of the commonwealth's juicy gossip!

that's why i come back time and time again - you're the only good gossip blog in town.

as for dps, i could care less if one officer is promoted over another based on his last name.

that's not really anything of a surprise in the local government where the same thing happens routinely.

just ask melvin faisao how he got his job! for god's sake, the man made his resume with crayons and construction paper!

the worst part about the guys serving with dps is that they're entrusted with protecting the community with a starting wage of $16k per annum.

that's about the same (or less) that you'd get flipping burgers at mc donald's.

i think the fry cooks in guam make more than that. hell, the guys scrubbing toilets make more than that. even i make more than that.

okay, i lied about that last part. i don't make that much, but there's always a chance that i'll get promoted any day now.

Anonymous said...

same, same, political bias on this island. who needs a degree when your nina manages CUC? connections, connections.

tina will put an end to that. not now but one day.

hafa judo chop said...

maybe we need a ninja to manage cuc.

Anonymous said...

maybe we need a decent writer for this blog.

Anonymous said...

yeah like you're the editor of variety? you willing to take over? im sure not because you have no brains at all and have a lousy opinion. stick to the topic dimwit.

The Reader said...

Why don't you start your own blog then asshole? I'm so sure no one will read it. It will be boring as your personality.

Pretentious. So pretentious.

Anonymous said...

Guerrero himself was on the receiving end of much bitching and griping when former DPS Commish'nuh Clyde Norita 'appointed' him a Captain, a position he never got to enjoy, as present Commish Tudela immediately reversed the personnel action (and a bunch of others) upon returning to DPS.

Some of the parties to the lawsuit may have legitimate gripes but it's interesting that they've chosen to sue DPS now, when all of them know that the hirings cited in their lawsuit were directed and processed by the Guv'nah's office during former Commish Warfield's command.

Also, two of the Sergeants they target are actually doing pretty good jobs, certainly better than the non-performers they replaced. The third keeps getting shuffled from assignment to assignment and hasn't been able to accomplish anything. He and his current staff appear to have been evicted from their office by Iloy's baby girl (she moves people around DPS constantly). They spent a ton of time, effort and money fixing up part of the old Corrections facility, and were to occupy it on Friday but were instructed not to late in the afternoon.

As for DPS Communications, the section Guerrero runs- DPS has spent a LOT of money on communications the past few years, but still uses the same system they put in in 1992. The dispatchers actually use an old mobile unit connected to the rooftop antennas with huge wads of electrical tape. They're unable to communicate directly with ambulances, Fire Department, marine craft, federal agencies or anybody on Middle Road between Payless Shoes and Miha, and when the power goes out they sit in the dark because they don't have a self start generator.

If anybody's got reason to bitch and gripe it's them.

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