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Jun 20, 2009

Square Foot, Square Deal?

How much does a square foot of a commercial space cost on Saipan?

Do you think a commercial building or a space for local government agency will cost $20 per square foot?

Well, apparently one space that is being occupied by a federally granted program is being rented out for that deal. According to sources this program had to justify to the feds about its expenses specifically the rental space for its operation. In the letter to the feds, the space they require is being rented out to them for $20 per square foot. The feds eventually approved the request.

However, this has posed a question to some about the reality of a rental space fee in the CNMI specially during a recession....


Anonymous said...

Why are you so chicken to just say it is Willie Tan's TSL Plaza? Funny how the same person who is against federalization benefits the most from it, as usual.

Anonymous said...

uhm...wrong. It's a "THV Enterprise."

The Daily Yapper said...

The cost most Saipan stores are paying per sq. ft. is between $1 and $1.50, and that's because a large number of Korean owners continue constructing one crappy building after another.

If the feds are willing to pay for a quality structure then so be it. If I was the owner of TSL Plaza, I'd charge a premium for clean and worry-free office space as well.

We're talking about a federal office run by federal employees. Your concern is only an issue if it's federal dollars being allocated by local government employees.

If the deal was arranged by a local administrator of federal funds for the benefit of a family member, that's a problem.

The feds routinely pay as much or more than that for office space around the world, so I don't think this is a major issue.

They've got a nice office here and they're willing to pay for quality and consistent upkeep.

It's perfectly reasonable to demand a location that is roach, ant and rat free.

...if you can afford it, and the feds certainly can.

That said, couldn't they have negotiated for some a little more reasonable? Say $10 per sq. ft.?

I'm not sure how much the FBI is paying for Efrain Camacho's building in Puerto Rico, but that is a quality facility as well.

Perhaps the going rate for quality facilities built with quality materials is $20 per sq. ft.

Great find on the story, SMR!

SMR said...

thanks Yapper. it's actually a local government's program where they sought a federal grant, so we gathered.

also, if it's a federal office as you said, still, law and rule of economics would enter the picture.

;-) and no, it's not TSL.

The Daily Yapper said...

"THV Enterprise."

Tan Holdings Vanuatu?

Anonymous said...

It depends. Is this $20/ft per year, or per month? Quality office space. e.g., in Efrain Camacho's Marina Heights complex, is around $2 per square foot per month.

Anonymous said...

THV...can you think of anyone who has the initials?

i believe SMR means per month.

Anonymous said...

If you're alluding to Tim Villagomez, his middle initial is P (for Pangelinan), not H.

Anonymous said...

then it's TPV Enterprise SMR? Is there such on Saipan?

The Daily Yapper said...

Wow, how many people are up and blogging on a Sunday morning? May I think. Guess we all need something to do before heading out for church and brunch.

Anonymous said...

There's no way that GSA is paying $20 per square foot per month.

The Daily Yapper said...


Anonymous said...

U.S. General Services Administration

Anonymous said...

They've already said its a federally-funded local operation.

Anonymous said...

Karidat? DEQ? Fish and Wildlife? Aging Program? Food Stamps? DPS? Vocational Rehab? Mental Health? Youth Service? Workforce Investment? PSS? Council of Arts? Public Health? Women's Affairs? Mayor's Office? Language Office? Housing Authority?

One of these?

Anonymous said...

Food Stamps? Always thought it was Food Stamp.

g00$e said...

It's not DPS. For faithfully neglecting maintenence and upkeep of their Susupe facilities for a decade DPS was rewarded by having 3of their 5 buildings condemned by DPW. They're now 'squatting' in Superior Court and Department of Corrections hand-me-down facilities. Their proud tradition of ignoring maintenence continues.

Fed Lover said...

How much will DHS CPB be paying CPA starting Saturday, November 28, 2009 for the space currently used by the Division of Immigration?

Don't sell out too cheaply, Efren!

Anonymous said...

How much does Guam Int'l Airport Authority charge? We should go for at least double, given our three islands.

Anonymous said...

Really wonder what will happen after Nov 28....Has DHS and CPB secured the required funding and started procedures to setup two entry points (seaport and airport)on each island? Ordered computers and camera ID equipment? Hired and trained staff as yet? Any coordination with the local immigration staff? What about the IR's that have entry permits expiring between now and Nov 28? The DHS website has no new information. Five months to go...
We shall see.

Anonymous said...

Entry permits expiring before Saturday, November 28, 2009 are subject to CNMI renewal (or guest worker permits). CNMI-issued permits are valid for two years from this Transition Program Effective Date, or the date stated on the CNMI permit, whichever is shorter.

Anonymous said...

What about IR cards expiring between June and Nov 28? The usual extension of one year from date of expiry?

Anonymous said...

IR cards become void on November 28th. There is no IR status under the US Immigration structure so all IR's will have to apply for a green card, change of citizenship or fly home.

They could also opt for a boat trip back but I think it would take a bit longer.

Fed Lover said...

Where are you getting that?!

Doesn't Public Law 110-229 say that all CNMI entry permits are valid for their stated duration or for two years after the TPED, whichever is less?

IRs have CNMI Entry Permits. If you have some legal authority in Pub. L. 110-229 that the general public is unaware of, please provide it.

Otherwise, you may be sowing seeds of misinformation and despair.

Anonymous said...

If the IR holders are employed and their contract is extended prior to Nov. 28th, then their contracts will be honored through the maximum permitted period of two years.

On November 29th, an unemployed CNMI IR without a CNMI labor contract will be treated as though they were in the United States.

Since the US is without an IR policy akin to that of the CNMI, the Commonwealth's IR becomes invalid and the holders of which will soon find themselves homeward bound.

Fed Lover said...

First off, the TPED is November 28, not the 29th, so that is the relevant date.

More importantly, you continue to cite no authority for your theory. It's not in Pub. L. 110-229 and DHS hasn't said that!

CNMI entry permits are valid up to two years. Aren't they? What law says otherwise? A U.S. Immigration Judge would never approve the deportations you are advocating.

Fed Lover said...

After two years, or the expiration of their permits, they will indeed have to go.

So getting work permits may indeed be the best long-term strategy because of their potential renewability under the Transition Program.

But don't scare people by telling them they'll have to leave on the 28th if it's not true.

As I understand the law, CNMI entry permits will remain valid.

Anonymous said...

Your understanding of PL 110-229 betrays you.

The only way that a CNMI IR holder will be able to stay in the CNMI is with a work permit or a visa, not an entry permit.

IR's will be able to remain in the CNMI with labor contracts in lieu of a visa once Nov. 28th arrives.

All others will be able to visit the CNMI as tourists provided they obtain the proper visas required by the U.S. to do so.

Providing false hope to people who have a finite number of choices is the problem.

"I think" or "I understand" is no substitute for "I know with a certainty".

Anonymous said...

That's fine. If you truly know with certainty, please supply the provision of Pub. L. 110-229 that says so. I can't view it on my BlackBerry.

Anonymous said...

There is no such provision.

Anonymous said...

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