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Jan 1, 2008

Congratulations Tina!

Congratulations to Tina Sablan for being Saipan Tribune's Person of the Year!

Truly you deserve the recognition.

The Reveler


me said...

Congratulations Tina.

glend558 said...

There could be no better choice than Tina. Good work to the Tribune!

Tamara said...

You Go Girl! That's an awesome spread! Love ya!!

Tamara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lil_hammerhead said...

Go Tina go Tina go go go Tina..

Marianas Pride said...

Tina, I bought 30 copies of the Tribune and need you to sign it ASAP so I can sell it on ebay. JK.

Congrats Tina. You deserve it. And with all the criticism you have received, you have certainly earned it.

While some say you are stubborn, I say you are determined. When some say you are anti-Chamorro, I say you are PRO-MARIANAS!

You have a good heart and a good mind. I notice a lot of people who always point out the fact that they don't agree with you on everything (including me). Well, who agrees on everything under the sun aside from brown-nosers?

Happy New Year amiga. While you are not "flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone" I still consider you my sister in the eyes of the Lord.

God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Tina. You're an amazing, inspiring, intelligent, determined person. Keep fighting the good fight. The people of the islands are lucky to have a person like you on their side, and you absolutely deserve this honor more than anybody else!

dekada lawyer said...

How did you get the whole front page of the Tribune like that?

Oh, that's right, this is Middle Road. Wish I could do that tho', it's great.

Anyway, Tina truly earned "Person of the Year." We all have a big obligation to follow-through on her ideals and hope for the future of the Marianas.

She has done so much to liberate, empower, bring together, and lift up so many who have been working (or just longing) for so long for social justice, better government, and a better CNMI.

Tina epitomizes what is best about Saipan and the people of the Marianas. She shows us what an open heart, clear thinking, dedication to principle, and sound reasoning produces.

Tina has the courage of her convictions -- convictions grounded in good sense. She has backbone. Tina has integrity -- that is, she is an integrated whole, not phony or adulterated. Tina keeps her own counsel.

She shows that the people can take back their government, and that despite systemic failures and a political process gone astray, real leadership is possible in the CNMI.

Tina is blessed with the intellect, the communication skills, the personal demeanor, and the steadfastness of spirit for great leadership -- and she offers it all to the diverse peoples of the CNMI, all of them without discrimination prejudice or injustice. She respects the human dignity of every individual.

Thank you, Tina!

And thank you also to all those nameless and uncounted others who helped make her who she is, and who stand behind her, support her and give her strength. You know who you are.

rev said...

thanks mr dekada lawyer. question, so how's life now with the implementation of PL 15-108?

dekada lawyer said...


That is something just beginning to play out. As I told Wendy Doromal in an email, the present situation is "a maze of mirrors and broken glass." This is like one of those paperweights that refracts light in all directions. What it means, and whether it means anything at all at a given point in time, depends on the individual situation, what Labor choses to do, what individual Labor employees and Immigration employees chose to do, what the specific issue is, whether a lawyer is involved, and so forth.

Trying to get a fix on the PL 15-108 future is a bit like chaos theory . . . except that the overall trend is clearly negative for workers and negative for businesses (other than businesses with the organization and resources to treat workers as fungible commodities).

If workers had money, it would be a boon for lawyers. Sigh, workers don't have money (but have lots of legal needs), so lawyers who fight for workers are severely overworked and grotesquely underpaid.

rev said...

so until the "federalization" comes along, this wouldn't be fixed at all...

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