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Jan 29, 2008

Federalization vs Federalization

Our top reporter, E.E. is at it again informing the CNMI public that what it reported earlier about the Governor's special adviser's comments on federalization. It was reported that the adviser believed that guest workers are required to leave the island in two years after the federal takeover of the immigration system.

Now, the paper reports that someone from the federal committee is contradicting the adviser's statements earlier.

What raised my brows again is that the reporter did not name the source and reported it. I guess the source is too reliable to counter the adviser's statements. However, this is E.E. reporting....


The Reveler


The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Why isn't The Saipan Blog on your latest poll? How else will people know important things, like what I'm going to name my dog?

bigsoxfan said...

Yeah, like he said. Revise your poll; I visit glen588 first, then Angelo, then Bruce on Wedsday's or lil hammerhead, if she has his column first, then and only then do I read the papers. I only would buy the actual Variety, if I knew I would be fishing. The trib works for that function also, although, the ink tends to run from the color ads.

Anonymous said...


rev said...

haha. that's a breather SBlogger! luv ya...

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

The dog's name is going to be Oreo, by the way.

rev said...

like the cookie? geez...can we dip him into a glass of milk? ;-)

suzie q said...

yes, you should have listed angelo's blog. it's great reading material...for the toilet!

it's great reading material...for a moron!

it's great reading material...for a crackhead!

it's great reading material...for an insomniac!

rev said...

it's a personal blog suzie...you can't make him write what you want to read...

to each his own...;-)

15th House's Man of the Year said...

I thought this was a blog about federalization and all you bloggers talk about is Angelo's puppy and Bateman for news...strange indeed.

dekada lawyer said...

Hey, EE did a great job! He didn't name his source and now, in today's papers, Howard Willens is using the anonymity of the source as a reason to dismiss everything the source said and accept Howard's gunslinging on behalf of the Governor and his few special interest friends.

Just like the "thousands" in the anti-federalization motorcade and BBQ. Way to go, EE!

It is truly an insult to everyone's intelligence by Mr. Willens to rely on public ignorance of the law and an assumption that few people will actually read the bill to pump out propaganda like this. And for what purpose?

It obviously is not to educate. The sole purpose is to sow fear and confusion, especially among foreign nationals. Raise the specter of deportaion ... the threat of lost jobs ... "find that ... [H.R. 3079] requires reductions in the number of permits on an annual basis to zero by the end of 2013." Mix pomegranates with bananas. Gosh, this is so Bush -- the politics of fear ... and coming from whom?

Nothing is new. FNWs hear this sort of thing all the time. The governor calls aliens who exercise their right to free speech "illegals." Labor and immigration employees too often brush off workers telling them to come back another time, or worse, say "why are you still here [in the CNMI]? why don't you go home?" The attitude is no surprise. But why are Willens and Siemer party to this?

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

That is the power of the Force my friend.

My blog is not the best written, does not have the best pictures nor best video, is not the funniest, most vulgar, controversial, and is far from being the best blog on Saipan (that honor probably goes to Jeff Turbitt).

Even so, I have the most readers and get the most traffic.

...but someone will overtake me one of these days.

Think of all people that could have a more popular blog than me overnight:

-Jim Benedetto
-Gov. Fitial
-a Filipino stripper
-a Chinese Hooker
-Oreo the Jedi Dog
-Jerry Tan
-Willy Tan
-Derielle (the fotten gaga girl)
-Pretty much any Fotten Gaga girl
-Frank the Crank
-Bishop Camacho
-Any number of white guys that wrote about their sexual escapades on Saipan
-Morgan Rose

I would love for some Saipan blogs to be more popular than mine. It would mean more traffic for me in the long run because of links and increased linkage between websites with high Page Ranks.

rev said...

who said you're not funny? i enjoy your comments more actually...you are a funny guy, just misinterpreted....

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

This blog is dead to me.

Hey, have you seen the Yes We Can video?


dekada lawyer said...


I actually posted the Yes We Can video first.

I really like what you did with it, though, including the text of the speech.

This video is the Unity Movement's answer to TaoTao Tano -- look at the diversity!

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

This video could also very well be Taotao Tano's answer to the CNMI government.

Phrases like "Yes We Can" and "We Want Change" can be interpreted in different ways.

Hitler probably thought he was healing the world, too.

I get annoyed when people claim that Jesus, God, MLK, Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, Oprah, and now Barrack Obama are on their side.

That is a tactic of a certain politic party in the States. If they are the Party of Jesus, that must mean we're the Party of Satan.

You guys are doing your damnedest to paint Taotao Tano as a bunch of racist yokels...and it's working.

You are no better than the people that replayed "I voted for it before I voted against" every 12.2 seconds in 2004.

Jeff said...

Taotao Tano slams everyone who is progressive and wants to change the lousy way things are done here whether it is Tina, Pete A., or Dekada. There needs to be a voice that speaks up for the average local mistreated by the system, but TT isn't it. Note the deafening silence on the government's efforts to block the minimum wage increase. Hard to take them seriously after that, and that's without factoring in the indeed rednecky Dekada Go Home this is our land rally last summer. As for this video, haven't seen it.

dekada lawyer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dekada lawyer said...

Sheesh, Angelo. Get a grip!

I have done nothing to paint TTT as a racist group. Anything they have accomplished in that regard, they have accomplished on their own.

As for who the other "guys" are and what they've done, I don't know. I do know that Tamara, Boni, and Jeff all have identified and objected to TTT's displays of racism and hostility toward non-TTTs. I fail to see what is wrong with that; to the contrary, it seems to me that when someone does or says something inappropriate, it is entirely appropriate to call them on it.

Moreover, my post never said anything about racism; you read that into it on your own. I wonder why?

The video certainly is the Unity Movement's answer to the Governor as well, and TTT ought to be in solidarity with the Unity Movement in support of the minimum wage increases and opposition to the Governor's policies (including his fight against H.R. 3079).

The Unity Movement is about diversity in support of what is good for the CNMI. That was the point of my saying the video is the Unity Movement's answer to TTT.

The Unity Movement is inclusive; TTT is exclusive. TTT seeks its support from Guam Chamoru nationalists and deploys it on behalf of the Governor.

TTT is what it is. It can be part of the solution, or it can be irrelevant.

I say, like Barack Obama, that together Yes We Can. And nothing in my post suggested, even in the slightest, a claim that Barack Obama is like God and "on our side."

Incidentally, I had to delete the previous post because it was this post before I had finished writing it. I accidentally hit publish when I wanted preview.

dekada lawyer said...

On my Unity Movment blog, I let TTT speak for itself.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Jeff, watch the damn video.

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