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Jan 5, 2008

RN = Rejected Nurses

I met a former colleague when I swung by McDonald's yesterday for a quick snack with a friend. This former colleague opted to take Nursing courses at NMC almost three years ago because it was then proposed by the Public Health that all Nursing graduates from NMC would be absorbed automatically to the hospital since there have been a shortage of local nurses in the CNMI. The CNMI hospital has hired foreign nurses mostly from the Philippines for a long time now.

My friend passed the NCLEX last month and she's now a registered nurse practitioner. She was so excited to get into the hospital, however, was disappointed that the Personnel Management Office has frozen government hiring until appropriate budget is allotted to the Health Department.

She said she was assured that as soon as there are budget for additional nurses, her file would be retrieved from the active files.

The Reveler


Ms. D. said...

CHC can't spend money it doesn't have. The same goes with employees who acquire new qualifications and expect to automatically get higher pay despite no change of position or responsibilities. According to a front-page article in yesterday's Variety, one such group of local nurses even filed a lawsuit! (Instead, they should try applying for new positions.)

On a health-related topic, I'm sure any eye doctor will tell you the black background increases eye strain.

Don't be surprised, dear web hosts, to note reduced commentary while this reader-unfriendly color scheme is in place.

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