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Jan 15, 2008

Quick Picks: Graded Flags Anyone?

A friend from here sent this link to me and her friends about a website grading the flags of over 80 countries in the world. If you go to the link of those countries and states that failed this is what you're going to see...

The Reveler


lil_hammerhead said...

I actually came across this about three years ago online. Whoever rated the world flags had really poor design taste. Alot of world flags that look really nice, received poor reviews and vice versa.

I actually like the CNMI flag. Where do you find clipart of taga stones and mwar?

The Writers said...


bradinthesand said...

yeah, we wrote about this in the tribune about four years ago. it's a funny site that basically bags on every flag.

The Writers said...

i guess this is a reminder then? ;-)

Boni said...

I agree with Lil. Whoever rated them did so with their own bias, knowing nothing of the symbols. It may not be the most aesthetically pleasing design, but again, who is to judge that? I'm a minimalist myself and would have liked to see less fru fru, but I'm also tired of the stripes and circles on all the other flags, not very creative. There are many flags that come to mind which I would rate the poorest. It's a matter of taste and culture.

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