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Feb 5, 2008

CHC - a No In-Patient Pharmacy Zone

Yes. This is the case now. Sources told me that the in-patient pharmacy at the Commonwealth Health Center has been closed by the Department of Public Health. Its loyal and dedicated head pharmacist has transferred to a private pharmacy as a retail pharmacist. I was also told that this director has not been renewed and still has some money owed to him by the department.

Can a local hospital operate without in-patient pharmacy? I was also told that a certain hospital should have an in-patient pharmacy if the facility has over 100 beds for example. Now I don't know about the CNMI's case here. I heard that the hospital tried to outsource the pharmacy services to the private pharmacy here but the company asked for a fee that's impossible for the hospital to afford. The fee was just a move to tell the hospital to renew the contract of its pharmacists.

I also heard from inside sources that the Public Health is going to privatize the in-patient pharmacy, that's why....

The Reveler


bradinthesand said...

you hear a lot. wonder who your source is. ha ha ha. say hi to him for me and invite me over for dinner.

rev said...


O. Calimbas said...

now i'm worried. where will i get my nicorette gum? guam?

lil_hammerhead said...

Medicine is over-rated.

Maybe we could just place a Serawano at the window. You know, a traditional medicine practicioner. The doctor can refer us for our perspription of a hot coconut-oil massage, followed by the inhaling of smoke from burning baby taro leaves.

lil_hammerhead said...

perscription.. that is

me said...

This may be out of topic but has anyone seen the Obama taping on Utube? Powerful even if you support someone else.


Anonymous said...

It's a disaster waiting to happen!

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