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Feb 7, 2008

Getting to Know You...

This caught my attention reading the Saipan Tribune online. Take note of the third paragraph and expound this to me please. I think coffee made my brains in shambles....

Q: Who are the employers allowed to repatriate their guest workers for 60 consecutive days instead of six consecutive months?

A: Employers who have complied with the requirements of a section of P.L. 15-108 with respect to citizen and permanent resident participation in their full-time workforce are considered to have met the primary objective of the periodic exit requirement.

For that reason, according to the Regulations, these employers may satisfy the periodic exit requirement by repatriating their foreign national workers for 60 consecutive days rather than six consecutive months.

These employers, however, must submit to the Department of Labor a consent document signed by the alien worker acknowledging permanent residence in the country that issued the worker's passport and no change in status by reason of employment in the CNMI.

Non-business employers who have hired domestic helpers, farmers, household maintenance workers or yard workers may utilize the 60-day alternative.

Uhmm what's the point with this --> "alien worker acknowledging permanent residence in the country that issued the worker's passport and no change in status by reason of employment in the CNMI."

Are we that troubled that these alien workers will renounce their own citizenship when they work here?

You tell me....

The Reveler


Anonymous said...

Well obviously it's intended to be a waiver of the alien worker's right to any immigration benefit that may be coming as part of Federalization.

bradinthesand said...

and it's every three years? not a bad two month vacation abroad. i'd totally take that deal. and there's a paid vacation every year as well? slam dunk! i'd be all over that puppy. so what's the problem? everyone should be happy with that: businesses, workers, feds and locals.

lil_hammerhead said...

Let's not strain our brain too much on this one.. it will be null and void soon.

Anonymous said...

rev, here is a topic for you to discuss openly. how can a person say he is working for free when he is staying at the hyatt regency, all meals paid, all travel paid, etc. is that really working for free? howard willens, please stop lying about working for free.

PNG is watching u said...

Brad - Since I am married to a PI national, shouldn't I be allowed to avail myself of the 6 month vacation as well? We could be on to something here. Siemers said at the PI consolate that "you filipinos like 40 day vacations and this will just add 20 days to it"...Hey, what about me b*&%h. Will I be allowed to go? I have had 3 x 10 week vacations in PI but 6 months will be a dream come true...Bohol, Subic, the Sulu Islands....I can't wait.

weathemen anonymous

bradinthesand said...

ha ha ha,,,you kill me, ron. but a six month vacation away from the wife every three years might not be a bad deal for local guys as well. why not put it to a vote?

PNGed thrice said...

Even better than a vote, how about a four person deportation committee. The Fitial followers say they do not want to deport anyone. I do not want to deport anyone. The deportation watchdog group must vote unanimously to give our inept DOL authority to excommunicate a guest worker from the commonwealth. I would recommend Cinta (to represent the admin), the reveler (to represent local blogsters), bradinthesand (to represent educated residents), and yours truly (to represent guest workers and because I am the caretaker of the mast list...soon to be revised for 08).

To face deportation, a guest worker must have a 4-0 vote to deport to achieve a formal excommunicated status. Those workers not receiving the 4-0 count will be offered improved status that may lead to an unobstructed path to citizenship and we can then all live happily ever after.

I am currently accepting nominees for the 2008 master list.

weathermen anonymous

Tax Weatherman said...

I wonder if Howard Willens is declaring on his tax returns the value of his Hyatt Regency stays, paid meals, and paid travel?

Maybe the Ombudsperson should institute his own Staymanesque federal "probe."

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