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Feb 25, 2008

LB Resorts to Shooting Resorts

The Legislature is proposing to legalize and allow hotel resorts to house shooting ranges for international events that could rake in millions of dollars of added income to the dwindling CNMI economy. Reports said the bill would "diversify" the tourists that visit the islands.

I totally have no idea how much shooting resorts are earning in the world, however, it seems that the Legislature deems it to be one of the income generating attractions in some parts of the world.

What do you think?


KAP said...

Only as a last resort.

Why not? I'm confused, tho. Rota and Tinian each get $4 million of the investment? That's not investing. Let's call them chenchule resorts for short.

If you stick a requirement like that in, nobody's going to invest anyway so it doesn't matter.

stupid dumb ass idea said...

one more stupid idea by a stupid politician. guns? just what the cnmi needs.

yup, i'm sure tourists will come from all over the world to shoot guns.

duh duh duh. how about guns n drugs? why not?

lil_hammerhead said...

I see no problem allowing shooting at ranges at hotels.

The problem is private ownership of guns here. Do we really have that many people hunting? Hunting what? There's simply no reason to have guns here. If you need personal protection, get mace or a taser.

And if you want to fire off a weapon.. well there you go.. you can go to a resort and pop a few off.

.. And the legalization of marijuana is long long overdue. It is kept illegal, simply to prop up an infrastructure of drug enforcement that depends annually on dollars. Those dollars would be better spent elsewhere (community centers, after-school programs, parks and recreation, schools, etc.)

bradinthesand said...

".. And the legalization of marijuana is long long overdue."

legalizing pot would be horrible. i mean, one day health nuts are going to demand filters on your splif. oh, and then there'll be the issue of secondhand highs.

and the taxes...

with all of the growing we'll have on saipan the government will have to open a brand new division of the treasury department. call it the high.r.s.

at least farming will have a renaissance in the cnmi. imagine the ganjalu market on saturday mornings in susupe...

we should also change the background of the cnmi flag from blue to green...and make it out of hemp.

you know, to represent.

bad idea. bad, bad idea.

the only good thing to come out of legalizing pot would be all of the funny brand names and commercials that would come out of it.

try to picture this 1940's style ad playing on power 99...

(*grungy actor reading fake testimonial)
"after a hard day of strumming my guitar for donations at the bus stop and smelling like pee, there's nothing that hits the spot like lighting up a karmastick. "
(*insert cheesy voiceover)
ah, yes. karmastick, the only brand that guarantees you'll become one with everything without having to do anything. karmasticks are available in mellow, sooo smooth, and like wow man. remember, when the man is keeping you down, reach for karmasticks. but not if it's like out of your way or anything. it's cool, man. whatever..."

actually, 97.9 the rock would probably make a resurgence should hippie lettuce be legalized...something about the breakfast with the beatles or something

lil_hammerhead said...

You can't keep alcohol legal and justify keeping mj illegal. I've never seen anyone smoke mary and start a fight, abuse their wife or beat a child.. happens all the time with alcohol. It's nonsense that is based on perpetuating obsolete information for the purpose of propping up the anti-drug infrastructure. Period. That is the only sense I can make of it. Alcohol is by far, more dangerous a substance than mj. By far.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

There was a time when two or three tourist available shooting ranges were doing well here on Saipan. Now it is down to just one that I know of that is still operational.

Allow recreational/sport shooting? Sure, why not? Charging huge fees/licensing payments/kickbacks (whatever you want to call it)? Why? Just let those people, (if anyone), willing to start such a biz get on with it, tax them like anyone else with a business.

This mantra of government carving huge chunks off the top of new start ups really needs to stop if we are ever going to get new entrepreneurs to come here and generate jobs and actually produce something.

Smoke em if you got em.

Anonymous said...

hey don't dis da beatles

glend558 said...

I think I know, but I ain't never dun it... It's what 'they' say and what I 'heard' about it.
Guess Brad never tried it..

Shooting ranges? Why not legal whore houses too while we're scraping the bottom of the barrel for ideas. Never heard of anyone getting killed by a blast from a working girl.

Marianas Pride said...

Lil, what sucks about gun resorts here in the CNMI is I guarantee guns will end up missing because they were stolen or misplaced. This happened before and it will happen again.

Why stop there? How about legalizing everything? Anarchy baby!

Sorry but I cannot support or condone gun resorts because they will be controlled about as good as we control our poker industry. How about gun resorts next to elementary schools?

Gun resorts make about as much sense as selling Saipanda to the Japanese to market our beautiful islands.

lil_hammerhead said...

Guns are already legal and all over the place illegally. This is one place where a ban on guns can really mean something. It is easy to control the ports and remove all current guns (over time) that are in the community.

Guns solely at resorts can easily be monitored. I think "gun resort" is a loaded term. A resort where shooting, targeting, skeet shooting, as well as, other regular resort activities wouldn't hurt a soul.

And certainly you would have to strictly limit the location of the resorts, as with gun ranges.

I don't disagree with you Glen.

Anonymous said...

Glen, has any government entity ever come after you because of the whore house you own on Beach Road?

If the CNMI isn't going after prostitution, then why even bring it up?

Anonymous said...

gun resorts??? we just solved the fireworks issues and now we have skeet shooting going on around resorts.. more noise pollution...hell, don't stop at gun resorts.. have m1a1 tank rentals.. or get to fly shotgun with one of the f15 pilots taking out FDM... why stop short of gun resorts.. I can't believe the idiotic ideas some legislators come up with..

Marianas Pride said...

I concur!

Marianas Pride said...

Lil, as I stated before, the guns and rifles will end up stolen or somehow will end up missing. It has happened in the past and WILL happen again. Again, our government will regulate the guns at the resorts just about as good as they regulate poker in our villages. In other words, guns will end up in the hands of thugs.

This I can GUARANTEE. History has a way of repeating itself.

I will publicly lobby against these gun resorts and will bring up past incidents. We have a peaceful, gun-free island. Shouldn't we keep it this way? Remember, if one gun ends up in the wrongs hands, the results could be DEADLY.

Sorry, but I don't want my kids growing up on an island with guns.

bradinthesand said...

"I've never seen anyone smoke mary and start a fight, abuse their wife or beat a child"

well then, i change my stance...

i mean, it's so peaceful and mellow that all of the gang violence on the streets of L.A. ended abruptly when cannabis was introduced to the hood.

c'mon, lil. would you really want to see your kids smoking left-handed cigarettes?

lil_hammerhead said...

Ed..gun free island? We are far from it. There are tons of legal and illegal weapons here.

I think we should be gun free, and I think we could easily manage this.

But, we are not. You can go and get a 22 rifle if you want. They sell them at Joeten and Fishing Tackle.

I'd rather see this a gun free place as well. Having said that, I don't think having some resorts that allow target shooting will be anything that is difficult to manage.

Brad.. cannabis is not what is causing gang violence in LA. In fact, prohibition is evidence that the banning of substances grows gangs and gang violence. If substances weren't illegal, the price wouldn't be so high and thus there wouldn't be any profit in selling it. Again, this is evidenced during the era of prohibition. In fact, this is where some of america's biggest criminal organizations got their start.. selling illegal booze.

Have you ever smoked mj?

You don't get violent.. you want to eat chips and take a snooze.

bradinthesand said...

lil, pot isn't the reason the inner cities have gone to it. i was explaining that panama red hasn't exactly done anything to keep the gang bangers at home.

they just have higher drive-bys. fly-bys?

and not everyone gets violent with alcohol. take me, for example. i just get all happy n' stuff.

oh yeah, and i talk way too much. kind of like puffing the magic dragon.

and selling illegal booze is how some of the wealthiest political families got their start, as well.

ever hear of the kennedys?

and as for this:

"If substances weren't illegal, the price wouldn't be so high and thus there wouldn't be any profit in selling it"

then we need to legalize oil like today!

sorry, lil. i love you but i just can't get behind any move toward the legalization of mary jane.

and sorry to my friends who toke on the joy sticks, but i can't stand the smell of your wacky tobaccky when you're smoking a bowl at parties n' stuff.

i get that local beach boys use weed as a cheap lure to bed bikini clad tourists, but even the power of scantily clad asian chicks fails to overpower my distaste for flower pops.

just because my blog's background is green doesn't mean that i like to wake n' bake.

i'm just a non-doob dude who would rather read the chronicles of narnia than smoke part of the first word.

i got to work to earn my greenbacks rather than try to make a dollar one nickel and dime at a time.

i care more about the coral reefs than reefer.

a sports fan more into the hoosiers than homegrown hooters.

at night i'd rather hit the hay than smoke it.

okay, guess i had a little fun for a while there. hope it made for some laughs.

lil_hammerhead said...

If you have.. you're in good company. Here's a short-list of some of smokers. From presidents to gold medal winning olympians, to nobel prize winners, to scientists, to business moguls, etc.

Benjamin Franklin
George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
James Madison
James Monroe
Andrew Jackson
Zachary Taylor
Franklin Pierce
George W. Bush
(Bill Clinton – never inhaled?)
Bing Crosby
Carl Sagan
Bruce Lee
Harrison Ford
Jackie Gleason
Al and Tipper Gore
Angelica Huston
Alexander Dumas
Bill Gates
Conan O’Brien
Dizzy Gillespie
Dioscorides Pedanius
Dr. Francis Crick
Dr. Lester Grinspoon
Dr. R.D. Laing
Emperor Liu Chi-Nu
Emperor Shen-Nung
Francis Ford Coppella
Frances McDormand
Friedrich Nietzsche
George Soros
Joan of Arc
John Wayne
John Kerry
Ken Kesey
Kareem Abdul Jabbar
Lewis Carroll
Lewis Wolpert
Louis Hebert
Mike Bloomberg
Newt Gingrich
Norman Mailer
Pierre Elliot Trudeau
Queen Victoria
Ram Dass
Richard Feynman
Robert Mitchum
Rosie Boycott
Ross Rebagliati
Rudof Nureyev
Rudyard Kipling
Ryan Farrell
Stephen King
Steve Jobs
Stephen Sondheim
Ted Turner
Tomas Enge
Victor Hugo
Walter Benjamin
William Butler Yeats
William S. Burroughs
William Shakespeare

bradinthesand said...

...but which one of your kids would you be happy to find smoking a bowl?

Marianas Pride said...

Lil, you forgot my name...just kidding. While I smoked marijuana in high school, it certainly didn't do any good for me. I quit shortly after because while it did make me laugh a hell of a lot and it made me happy, it also made me very unproductive.

Lil, again, please understand that gun resorts cannot be regulated by our government. Please look into the success stories of our government regulating poker in the CNMI. We don't need more guns. we need less guns.

As far as buying a 22 caliber rifle, you have to get a license to get the gun. I've shot 22 rifles. It's a lot different than shooting a semi-automatic assault rifle that was created to KILL. A 22 can kill, but not at the rate or capacity of an assault rifle.

Yes, illegal guns are here in the CNMI. There are also legal guns that were stolen and are now in illegal hands. Do we want to put ASSAULT RIFLES into illegal hands? I think not.

I will fight any impending legislation that tries to bring in gun resorts to Saipan.

bradinthesand said...

your list spans hundreds of years and only amounts to a few notable people.

my guess is that there are millions more losers than success stories that make up the population of marijuannaville.

just for fun:

"Dizzy Gillespie"

how do you think he got his name?

"Dioscorides Pedanius"

wasn't he friends with biggus dickus?

"Joan of Arc"

noah's wife?

bradinthesand said...

"Friedrich Nietzsche"

did pot make him love his sister?

rev said...

just a question, why did the european nations legalize it then?

lil_hammerhead said...

The list is huge.. had to edit it in order to keep SMR from getting too pissed off at me for a mile long list :)

bradinthesand said...

you know how many losers there are in europe? all that pot explains the fashion...

rev said...

haha. that's hilarious clinton once again! you're not from europe are you sand? ;-)

lil_hammerhead said...

You'd be suprised to find that the .22 caliber has killed more people and animals than all other personal firearm calibers combined.* The 22 is deadly and the 22 is all over the place here. I'm sure you know several people who have legal 22s and I'm sure several people you know have illegal 22s (or other firearms).

*Pistolworld Magazine

Marianas Pride said...

Interesting quote for gun lobbyists:

"Saying that guns kill people is as ridiculous as saying Playboy magazine causes tennis elbow."

Hmmm, so it's not tennis after all?

lil_hammerhead said...

I wouldn't let my kids smoke Brad. But then I wouldn't let them drink either.

Those are decisions they can make for themselves when they are older. I do not believe either is harmful in moderation.. as is the case with most things.

bradinthesand said...

From Wikipedia (not really an official site for knowledge, but it'll pass for this i hope):

Sweden: Cannabis is not seen as a soft drug. Zero tolerance is the official policy. Possession and consumption is illegal.

Switzerland: Cannabis is classified as an illegal narcotic in Switzerland.[44] The production, possession, consumption and sale of illegal narcotics, even for personal use, is punishable by a monetary penalty or by imprisonment of up until three years, as are public incitements to the consumption of illegal narcotics.

Portugal: Personal consumption in the amount of 3 days' worth without contravening the law. Cultivation, even if for personal use is still totally illegal and cultivation of even one plant is assumed to indicate involvement with trafficking. Possession of seeds is also illegal.

Belgium: Individual use by adults has the lowest priority to police and government instances, if the doesn't cause any problems to his environment.

Czech Republic: 1998 law when the "possession of more than a small amount of drugs" (for marijuana possession of less than about 20 grams was not a crime but the owner could be fined)became criminal offense again. Consumption was not punishable.

Ireland: Under Irish Law a Schedule 1 drug (SCHEDULE I - cannabis, LSD, mescaline, opium), such as cannabis, is a drug which is highly abusable with no medicinal value.

Spain: Personal consumption and home cultivation of cannabis have been decriminalized, but buying or selling remains a criminal offense.

basically, everyone has a different take on pot. mine is that it's ass nasty and shouldn't be legalized.

rev said...

perhaps the bill on gun resorts is backed by heavy research with collaboration of tourism agency here that could've reported that most tourists are shooters and are looking for shooting ranges for tournaments?

i don't know...

lil_hammerhead said...

More and more countries are decriminalizing marijuana for personal or medical use every year. And many of those that haven't either have legislation pending or cast a blind eye to it. Australia, Canada, Belgium, etc. and many US states now. It is only a matter of time before the majority of the world and probably the US has decriminilized it for personal and/or medical use.

I just don't get the whole alcohol should be legal and marijuana shouldn't. If you grew up around both, you know alcohol is a much more dangerous substance.

bradinthesand said...

say rev, sorry for straying faaaaaaaaaaar from the topic at hand.

and lil, i get the part about moderation (just not for blog comments) but i'm just not hip to thinking pot is cool.

when i think of it i immediately think of waste cases. then i think about my friends who smoke it and try to figure out why.

to me, it's like the drug that says "it's okay to give up."

just my take on it. i just can't get my mind around trying even a toke here n' there.

it's not my bag, baby.

bradinthesand said...

...but where does the legalization stop, lil? lsd is a non-violent drug. how about shrooms? and heroin?

then what about the recreational cocaine crowd? crack?

using that logic, what would be next?

lil_hammerhead said...

We make determinations on alot of substances individually - acitominaphen, msg, tobacco, salt, alcohol, transfats, phenphen, lead, etc. etc. Why doesn't this apply here? We have the ability to look at individual substances and make educated decisions. The "what would be next" argument is also used against legalizing gay marriage. It's an argument that assumes from the get go, that we are not intelligent enough to look at individual cases fairly.

lil_hammerhead said...

By the way, I wouldn't be able to argue on why or why not those drugs you mentioned (lsd, crack, cocaine) should be legal or not. I don't know enough about them individually.

I do know a bit about MJ and Alcohol.

Marianas Pride said...

Guns and marijuana. I'm lovin it!

Some say we should outlaw McDonald's and all fast food joints because it is attributed to obesity and other diseases. I guess moderation is the key to everything.

The only thing is, what is considered moderate when it comes to marijuana? A joint a day keeps the doctor away? It actually does, because you are so stoned you forget to go to the doctor.

As Mr. Mackey says in South Park, "Hey kids, drugs are bad, mmmkay?"

Did you know that there is a study being done at Harvard that claims men with large chilis have a bad memory?

Hmmmm, now what were we talking about again???

lil_hammerhead said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lil_hammerhead said...

hahahahaha! :) funny Ed.

McDonald's would have to open up several more restaurants if mj is legalized. Everyone with the munchies all of the time.

Hey! There you go.. a way to get rid of all the poker places. If you legalize mj, McDonalds will open up all over the island.. they would buy up all of the poker establishment spaces. You know, everyone will need quick easy access to bigmacs and mcnuggets.

If I was Joe, I'd be working behind the scenes to get it legalized :)

bradinthesand said...

new jingle:

"bah bah bah bah bah, i'm smokin' it!"

Jeff said...

Angelo is suggesting ever so slightly on his blog that Brad is gay. That is utter BS. Brad is not gay. He is merely a dork.

I don't like parties where people discuss Britney or Paris Hilton, so I solve the problem by not going to those types of parties.

Why do you hate freedom, Brad? You support the freedoms espoused by Nambla, but not nature?

bradinthesand said...

i do support nature! i am trying to get up, stand up, stand up for cannabis' rights by trying to defend it from people from cutting it down in its prime and smoking it.

you know, people who smoke pot are heartless creatures who give no thought to the lives of plants around the world.

they're almost as bad as vegetarians. you know, the same people who devote their whole lives to eating nothing but plants and the like...

Jeff said...

You do have skill with Haiku, though.

bradinthesand said...

see, and i didn't have to smoke to hone my haiku skills...

lil_hammerhead said...

Whoah.. maybe with the help of some mind expanding substances, you'd be a world famous haiku superstar! Never know. It's worked for multitudes of writers, poets, artists, musicians and scientists.

We'd be crying on the anniversary of your death (by overdose of course) every year while we light candles in the park and recite your haikus.

bradinthesand said...

yes, lil. and were that to happen:

like a peaceful dove
my soul would soar above you
dropping my high-coos

*proof to tamara that i can eke one out by the rules.

guns r good said...

I love the idea of a gun resort because it will be the right step toward legalising guns. All of us should have the right to carry guns cuz if we all have guns we can shoot people breaking into our house like in Texas and maybe that will bring crime down and act as a deterant and we can feel safe again eh?

lil_hammerhead said...

:)LOL Brad

Guns are legal here. 22 caliber. Go get a license and run over to Joeten and pick one up.

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