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Feb 25, 2008

Extra Virgin Atlantic and the CNMI

While the first Virgin Atlantic airlines made its maiden flight using coconut oil as part of its engine fuel, the CNMI has made another mark on a gas hike making a gallon cost $4.04 each gallon.

The islands have definitely no option to this worldwide crisis, however, some countries have been exerting efforts to relieve themselves of this dilemma. Countries like Korea, the Philippines and Japan have been implementing a butane gas enabled taxis and cabs. Manila is operating a public utility vehicle called the Jeepney that runs on electricity.

Now, this Boeing 747 jumbo jet plane runs partly by coconut oil. Critics expressed it was just a publicity stunt for the airline. Can you imagine the loads and tons of coconuts that should be collected for this biofuel? Much as we want the CNMI to use coconuts as an alternative fuel for power, there's not enough natural resources to support the cause.

Whatever has happened to PTI's study on Wind Power? It was an issue before that one scientist explored the possibility of a nuke power here.

So we believe in law of science, where there's an action there will always be an equal reaction. So folks, expect CUC to jack up its utility rates sometime soon.


creaky knees said...

Wind farms, solar arrays, nuclear reactors and submarines anchored in the harbor are all expensive, high maintenence options that the CNMI guv'mint is currently unable to procure, implement, operate or maintain.

And if they were able to succesfully implement one or more of these systems, would the 'man in the street' still have to pay the guv'mints electric bill?

Will necessity cause a societal 'evolution' such that individuals, families and social groupings become responsible for generating their own power?

Marianas Pride said...

I'm generating my own power now. It's called "plug in to the neighbors and don't get caught."

Marianas Pride said...

If we could figure out how to power our cars on pugua juice, we would be filthy rich!

rev said...


Anonymous said...

Cutesy responses, typical of what I hear from the Hill, where they still deny that the power issue has made Saipan third world. Revisit this issue and see how cutesy it is at the end of this year.

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