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Feb 8, 2008

Phil ConGen meets TTT's Cruz

Whoa! Smiles and sincere greetings seemed to be going on between the Philippine Consulate General and the Tao Tao Tano group leader today during lunch time at the 360. My friends and I were pleasantly surprised with that meeting at the revived and now hip lunch place in Susupe.

Some of the Filipinos dining in today were questioning as if surprised and vehemently reacted on what they saw? One of them ask why was the ConGen meeting with the TTT leader that she said has cursed, tarnished and offended the Filipino race here on the island. I was eagerly listening to them until they caught me and shut up.

What could be going on in this meeting? That we had no clue. Maybe TTT invited the Philippine Consulate General to convince his fellow Filipinos to accept the current law? Or maybe the Philippine ConGen invited the TTT leader to be more accepting to the nonresident workers?

I don't know. We had no idea. This ConGen has not spoken vocally on the issue of federalization and the Labor Reform Law. He reportedly said that he has not said anything to keep the relationship between the two countries in good shape.

We wondered who paid the lunch today....

The Reveler


Anonymous said...

2 days ago, phil. congen met the president of dekada, same place, same time. i wonder what congen offered to ttt. for sure, different from what he offered to dekada president.
who is behind all this?

me said...

the taxpayers of PI paid the lunch...no class for your cousul to do this.

fence sitter said...

cnmi is not a country...maybe the con gen was giving handouts to the jobless.

lil_hammerhead said...

The ConGen, whose said nothing publicly to date about backwages or about the recent woes with the dancers. The ConGen, who says nothing publicly to support the workers from the PI. I don't know this ConGen.. but he/she does a grave disservice to their countrymen.

Rick Jones said...

The meeting seemed to be quite congenial, I was by their table several times and they were having what appeared to be a very earnest, sincere conversation.

I mentioned to the Consul General that our staff (primarily Filipino) was all abuzz about the meeting, and he said "It's our job to reach out like this, and try to work things out".

Greg Cruz, by the way, was the soul of politeness, actually a very nice guy in person, surprising to me based on how he comes off in his letters and in the other media.

Anonymous said...

Greg is not writing the letters in the media. He is merely a puppet for the Fitial administration. Greg's writers are Danny Aquino and Deane Seimer and other FFF's (Fitial Federalization Fighters).

The Philippine Consulate General is a politician who has to smile for the cameras and keep good relations, so don't expect the ConGen to go to bat for the Filipino people.

This meeting was more symbolic than anything, not like two superpowers getting together. When will people wake up and realize that Greg Cruz does not represent the CNMI.

The fact that Greg Cruz came in dead last in Taotao Tano's backyard of Kagman shows that he does not represent the so-called silent majority. He is simply a conman trying to push his personal agenda.

I'm glad Steve Sablan came out in the paper and said that TaoTao Tano does not speak for him or for most of the people in the CNMI. What is the biggest number of TTT supporters that they have ever put together? 100? 200? With such pale numbers, how can he state he represents the silent majority?

The game is up, the con is up. People are calling things as they see them.

Howard Willens is also a conman. He works for free? What b.s. We the taxpayers of the CNMI are paying for Howard Willens to travel first-class, to stay at the Hyatt Regency (can you imagine living at the Hyatt????????), and all meals taken care of. Total up his expenses and it will easily be $80,000 a year.

Better Times? What a bunch of crock. This is the worst Governor in the history of the CNMI. When you hire a thug like Ray Mafia Mafnas who has no college degree to be a senior advisor to the Governor, you know you have an administration headed for disaster. Not even the big muscles of Ray "I'll Kick Your Ass" Mafnas can save this administration from being the most unpopular, most uninspiring, most evil administration ever in the history of the CNMI.

The Covenant Party is FINISHED. So is Governor Fitial's chance of getting re-elected.

Anonymous said...

By the way Rick, 360 is marvelous. Just went there last week for happy hour with some friends. It will definitely become our regular spot. Thank you for keeping the prices down! Our bill was surprisingly low, and we drank like fish!

Kudos 360!

Anonymous said...

how can the con-gen help the filipino in this way? and never he was there to help...how many filipino have died that stayed in chc morgue several months that could not be sent back home? cause those persons were already illegals and passport were expired!!! just bcoz passport are expired your citizenship also expired? it was the whole filipino community (except phil.consul.)& even mr. juan pan who initiated in asking donations... sooner or later, filipino would be protesting against them, to close that office, since it is useless...another first in cnmi history!

Anonymous said...

mr maximo has never represented us. last year he spoke out against the boycott. i can't believe he had lunch with cruz. he invited boni and asked him if we would accept and be happy about a limited cnmi residency card. can maximo make such a deal for us? steve woodruff and ron hodges both told us that (a cnmi res. card) was an act of desperation from a desperate administration.

he invited siemer and willens to the consolate last week. my friend asked ron hodges to attend and ask questions. mr. maximo asked ron to not ask questions because he did not want trouble. ron respected his request and asked nothing. siemer made fun of boni by asking him repeatedly who wrote his questions. most of the workers were so respectful they even clapped for them.

Anonymous said...

The Cruz family gene pool must be replenished before it's too late. Any volunteers?

Rick Jones said...

Not sure who you are, Anon, but thanks for the kind words, and hope to see you again, even if I don't know it!

lil_hammerhead said...

360 rocks!

The ConGen doesn't.

Goro doesn't.

rev said...

the ConGen tries to be Miss ConGen-iality that's why...

O. Calimbas said...

why not simply ask the consul general about it? i'm not too troubled by a lunch between the consul and someone who heads a local organization (no matter the size). in fact, i think it's better to do so, rather than feeding on tsismis.

as far as an RP position on the matter, why not send a letter to ambassador gaa in washington, d.c.? or perhaps an email?

i bet you won't get much, though. something generic like "we wish to continue our friendship and encourage the flow of trade and human capital with the CNMI while protecting our OFWs." but you never know.

Mr. Civility said...

I had to laugh, Lil, because one couldn't accuse you or some of the other posters on this thread of being too "diplomatic." (!)

You, and some of the other posters in this thread -- including citizens of the Republic of the Philippines -- seem to misunderstand the role of a consul.

He is not a public advocate, certainly not in the sense of interfering with the host government's internal affairs and self-government.

Nor is the post a fountain of money. If Foreign National Workers encounter legal difficulties in the CNMI, while dead or alive, they need to hire their own lawyers. The Philippine Consulate does not have money for this.

Paying the morgue and repatriating is the responsibility of the employer, under CNMI law.

What the consulate can and should do is work behind the scenes, and make contacts and influence with all segments of society, so as to be able to explain the CNMI to the Foreign Ministry, and perhaps have some subtle influence on individual cases in ensuring the interests of its citizens are looked after.

For instance, each Filipino arrested is entitled to have the Consulate informed. I'm not sure how well the Division of Corrections is enforcing the Vienna Convention in this regard.

The Consulate also holds sessions informing Filipino Overseas Contract Workers of their rights.

But the consulate is not peopled by miracle workers. In our haste to criticize others -- a major shortcoming of these blogs, and a reason I don't use my own name -- we are failing to look into all the relevant facts before forming our judgments.

rev said...

we do all know the role of the consul general. they didnt finish international studies and diplomatic studies for nothing.

we are not judging the ConGen here. we are trying to share with people the meeting he has been arranging to better the relationship between nonresident workers and the local groups.

the consulate offices have been holding post to places especially where there are millions of Filipino workers in over 100 host countries in the world.

these migrant workers reap in at least $14 Billion dollars for the Philippine economy. Thus, it has been deemed to assist these workers to their needs and their relations with their host countries.

does the consul general have to be complacent of what these majority of whom he should be serving or does he have to also air their concerns?

so far the consulate office here in the CNMI have been trying to help the Filipino migrant workers through the Labor Representative's office, which here is under the ConGen but in the Philippines the Labor Rep office is under a different department.

it is the Labor Rep office that does the job here....

lil_hammerhead said...

He shouldn't interfere with the local government. At the same time, he should be standing up for workers from his country. At the same time, he should not be having a "civil" lunch with a person who wants all Filipinos gone.

Marianas Pride said...

Where were our photographers for the papers? Clearly this would have been a "kodak" moment. Politics makes strange bedfellows. I certainly hope some good comes out of this meeting.

I never fully understood the role of the ConGen, but thanks to this blog I am learning a lot. Thanks for the quick education lesson. Whatever role the ConGen plays and whatever his duties are, I hope he keeps the Filipinos best interests in mind. Politics always has a way of warping and twisting ideals.

Anonymous said...

your correct mr. civility, consulate is not peopled with miracle workers!!! would you care to believe that a simple SMILE and sweet greetings can make a miracle? that they DON'T have!!!! when people go there for assistance, they will usually ask you "what's your problem?" instead of saying "how can we help you?" with the most bitter and mean face you could ever see with rising
hello? we don't owe them anything!!! they are the one who owes from us!!!
whoever ask how-don't really know where their salaries are coming from!!

bradinthesand said...

"Better Times? What a bunch of crock. This is the worst Governor in the history of the CNMI."

if you really think that our economy is in the tank because of gov. fitial then you are on crack...

"Not even the big muscles of Ray "I'll Kick Your Ass" Mafnas can save this administration from being the most unpopular, most uninspiring, most evil administration ever in the history of the CNMI."

not that i'm a fan of his, but what's your hard-on with ray mafnas? did he bitch slap you or something?

i've never seen him as a threat on any level but you seem to fear him. why? he doesn't seem all that tough to me...

Truth Seeker said...

This blame game is apace with the pro-federalization demagoguery -- federal tax dollars and Dekada Shyster at "work" (!) -- that claims immigration and the guest worker program have caused our bad economy.

Hellooooo . . . .

Correlation doesn't equal causation.

The federalizers, pettifoggers, and the rest of those who use Foreign National Workers as pawns in their sordid schemes like to compare the CNMI with Guam (and its military mainstay, larger economy, and wide-open land ownership scheme after 1/3 was taken by the feds), as if federalization will turn us into another Guam.

Hellooooo . . . .

The neighbors to compare us with are those sharing a history from 1898 to 1976 -- the FSM, Palau, and Marshall Islands. Compared to them, we have done quite well, and our immigration program had a lot to do with it.

So the shysters who argue that the CNMI's locally-controlled guest worker program has ruined our economy are full of scheiss. Just like their rosy speculation, designed to lull Foreign National Workers into a false sense of security, that federalization will leave things all fine and dandy for them. NOT!

It is outrageous what the purveyors of hate are trying to do to the CNMI through the U.S. Senate in the most blatant and undemocratic manner!

Fortunately, Senator Coburn's interest in allowing guns under state law in National Parks, just as in National Forests and BLM property, may buy us another week or two of reprieve, as Majority Leader Reid sorts things out with a replacement for S. 2483.

And all the while Allen Stayman, the Ombudsperson, Dekada Shyster, and their cruel stooges claim that it is the self-government advocates who are motivated by hatred.

Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive . . . deceive our hard-working guest workers for the personal gain of those advocating "change" and "unity," all the way to the unemployment line while Mr. Shyster collects his fees. That's the only sure thing in this whole stomach-turning mess.

Anonymous said...

whether we will all go home or not, one thing is for sure...FEDS COMING!!!!! whether it will be delay for more weeks or months or years, the fact remains the same....FEDS COMING!!!! we will lose our jobs and we will all go home...then what is left for you guys???? work with FEDS!!! lalalalala....lalalalala!!!

Anonymous said...

The con Gen should have spent his time to the long term guest workers problems who is paying his salary, the taxes from the Fil. people. Pls. stop serving the elite and monopolist businesman in the island . Shame on you!

rev said...


uhmm...ur out of tune noni.


the congen has never been very popular here on the island...unlike the former congen heidemann....

Anonymous said...

but his son is....
specially during their first year here... he had been going to stablishments, asking for the manager, introducing himself as the son of the congen... i will never forget him...
by the way, is he a contract worker or does he have a diplomatic permit allowed to work for willie tan? i guess he has a diplomatic permit, because he always use the diplomatic car... assigned to his father.

rev said...

yeah, i remember he (the son) was denied of entry to an establishment and he was raving mad at the security guard saying "Don't you know who I am? I am the son of the ConGen!"


Marianas Pride said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marianas Pride said...

Wow. The famous line used only by wanna-be's and EAB's (Extremely Arrogant Boneheads): "Do you know who I am??"

I remember working for Continental Airlines and a local big shot came in stark raving mad, yelling at me and demanding me to put him back on a flight he was removed from because he failed to reconfirm his reservation he made a month earlier. He yelled at me and said, "Do you know who I am?" I replied, "A person with severe hypertension two screams away from an aneurysm?"

Okay, so I didn't say that. But I wish I did. What I really did was kill him with kindness, a customer service tactic I learned from Lana Johnson. It actually works!

Thank God we were able to overbook the flight and get him back on a very important fact-finding government mission to the Philippines. He must have have a successful trip because he went back several times over the course of the year. Biba Corruption!

If he ever walked into my bar (I mean, if I owned one that is), I would tell the son of a ConMan or ConGen, "Yes, and you are late. Put on your skirt and get to work. This place is getting packed!"

I love the "You know who I am?" statements. Heard it at least 379 times throughout my various jobs growing up here in the CNMI.

Love it!

Marianas Pride said...

By the way, the fact that our economy is in the tank cannot be attributed to one person or one administration. I'm not defending Governor Fitial or anything, but I'm just saying that he cannot be blamed for all the problems we are facing today.

The sad reality is we are in a mess because of bad decisions and poor planning. All of our problems today are reflective of this. We were not wiped out by a tsunami or an earthquake. Remember when JAL pulled out? Bad decisions by our leaders led to this. CUC? Poor planning. Everything falls under these two categories, plain and simple.

bradinthesand said...

"Do you know who I am?" is even worse when you say "do you know who my dad is?"

too funny. anyway, i wouldn't think you'd need that line to get into troy these days...

*cheap shot. no malice intended. just doing it for the cheap laugh. sorry, jer.

PNGed thrice said...

R U making fun of my dad, b&8%h cause my dad's is bigger than yours.

Nice article Marianas Pride...Irene said she laughs when reading my articles and cries when reading yours yours, but I cracked up reading your recent work...kudos.

The 2008 master list will be coming soon to your neighborhood.

weathermen anonymous

bradinthesand said...

...when the master list comes out i wonder if i'll be upgraded from bater's apprentice...

Mr. Civility said...

It is not the job of the Consul General to help his fellow countrymen renounce their citizenship, or help a select few obtain U.S. Lawful Permanent Residence several years earlier than they might otherwise be eligible for it when their kids turn 21 -- particularly if this unbargained-for U.S. immigration benefit for the select few serves to slam the door on all the other citizens of the Republic of the Philippines who would otherwise have worked here.

The same analysis applies to the minimum wage.

Likewise, the ConGen is undoubtedly way too diplomatic to point out that the education and health care systems in the Republic of the Philippines far exceed those in the CNMI.

So the gloom and doom stories of Ron Hodges and Jeff Turbitt, while possible in individual cases, do not ring true for most Filipinos who return with their U.S.-born children in tow.

Especially if they have saved money to start a business, or paid their children's Philippine college tuition while they were here.

Anonymous said...

Check "Gregorio Cruz deserves Academy Awards" in You Tube.
Good work lil_hammerhead........

butros butros ghali said...

Question for Lynn Night and Goru Cruz and the rest of the pro federal group:

1. If federalizastion is so bad for the cnmi's tourism, how is it possible to have Guahan our neighbor island getting more tourists than we do.

Please explain Ms. HANMI.

Jeff said...

I didn't offer any doom and gloom about returning to the Philippines. In fact I said the exact opposite.

U Thant said...

The CNMI is focusing on different tourism markets from Guam, including Russia and China.

Through its advanced immigration system -- with sponsors required for each tourist from those nations, and positive entry and exit controls for each guest, features lacking from federal immigration -- the CNMI can accommodate visitors from countries that would have a high risk of overstayers under the less sophisticated federal system, and thus end up being removed from a federal visa waiver program.

That explains why federalization would hurt CNMI tourism while it doesn't hurt Guam's.

As for why their tourism is more successful than ours -- larger economy supported by a military foundation, consequent larger number of airline flights, Continental hub, no land ownership problems, fewer attempts to scam tourists, greater investment by major corporate hotel and tourism operations, etc.

The reason for Guam's great success is not federal immigration, but all the other factors.

On the other hand, what limited success the CNMI has still enjoyed despite the pull-out of JAL and Continental has resulted almost exclusively from our immigration system.

No, I'm not HANMI, Goro, or Deanne!

PNGed thrice said...

Do you know who I am? I write the list and spread the word the CNMI Master List is out with new faces, sympathizers, Unity organizers, golfers, divers, clergy, and weathermen.

2008 Master List and representatives of the DCC (decent citizens of the commonwealth)

Jesse Borja, Dr. Ada, Dr. Khorram, Efrain Camacho, Dr. Brostram, Tina Sablan(2007 person of the year 2007), Dr. Stearns, Karen and Dave Borja, Dr. Aldan, Sister Martha, Judge Ed Manibusan, Jerry Custudio, Bonnie Sagana, Wendy Doromal(core ring leader), Jerry Tan(among Saipan‘s most charitable), Ed Propste(Pugua tales), Steve Woodruff, Mark Hanson, Brad Ruzala(women stuffed ballot boxes), Jeff Turbitt(Bald is Beautiful), Jeanne Hodges(screamed racism for 2007 list omission), Randy Steele (Saipan‘s nicest blog), Jeff Taylor(sandbagger), Lupi Manglona, Sister Stella, Lil_Hammerhead (battered blog opponents in 07),The reveler(middle road strikes again), Ruth Tighe (Ruth Tighe says only Wendy and Tina….), Ken Hodson O’Harnett(Son of Saipan WWII hero), Judge Jane Mack(the real Saipan writer), Jim Benedetto(edged Cohen for NMI man of year 07), Diego Benevente, Hector Sevilla, Rick Kautz, Jess Wabol, Pastor Lee, Father Joe, Nick Sablan, Irene Tantiado(writer of “Humans“), Tony Pellegrino, Jessica Barcinas(work alcoholic for MHS), Bill Weiss , Jaimie Veragas, H.M. Ferdous(picture of a gentleman), Bishop Camacho(top vote getter again and beat gaming…period), Malou Berueco(Unity core organizer), Richard Miller(defender in landmark CNMI case), Vince Cabrera, The Last Weatherman

Leading vote getters

1. Bishop Camacho 15,498

2. Tina Sablan 15,132
3. Sister Stella 14,947

Others receiving votes

Governor Fitial 6
Dick Pierce 2
Bruce Bateman 2
Harry 2
Goro 130
Deanne Siemer 2
Howard Willens 2
Angelo 3 (2 votes challenged, the puppy and EJ citizenship)

Anonymous said...

what is ej citizenship?

Anonymous said...

"Filipino race"?!?!?!?

rev said...

i didnt get the EJ citizenship...dense lately...

Anonymous said...

Greg Cruz is a two bit prostitute. He will talk to anybody as long as he gets noticed. He loves the celebrity status he thinks he has. Little does he know that he is one confused human being.

What credibility does he have? Married his own sister? I am really concern about the daughter he has with his sister. You know what i mean.

Greg is drowning in cloud nine and he will say anything just to make today's news. I believe it is the sister (wife) who is writing from Greg because I know that Greg does not even know how to spell his last name.

dekada lawyer said...

Tell you what, "truth seeker," I'll gladly trade my financial situation, straight up, for yours.

You try making a living as a sole practicioner who spends most of his time helping people who have difficult causes but no money, and, at best, making no points with the rich and powerful in the process (if they are cheering me, it certainly is not with their pocketbooks).

Collect what fees? Settle my payables, will you?

Donations are welcome.

Ron Hodges said...

Rough draft of 34

Chamberonomics XXXIV...bitter times ahead!

A survey of my MHS students taken Friday, February 15, 2008 showed that one half of my 16-17 year old students did not have one dollar in their pocket.

The US federal government may pass out $30 to $50 million dollars to residents of Saipan, Tinian, and Rota according to the $152 billion Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 signed by President Bush. We have concerns before they would actually hand $50 million to our current administration. The money goes (or should go) to every resident of the CNMI, including children, guest workers, and their children, passed out in increments between $300 and $600 dollars each. A family of four could expect $1800. The CNMI has a problem before we qualify. The problem is that the money must be paid by the CNMI and reimbursed by Uncle Sam.

Simply put, the mismanaged NMI does not have the money to get the other money! Our local government can’t provide basic services to the residents here. Our local residents suffer from the nation’s poorest water quality, exorbitant power costs, grossly under funded educational institutions, disgraceful housing availabilities for US citizens and guest workers alike, inadequate funding for CHC, and government instability that has put potential investors on permanent hold, all one would expect from weak governance with little accountability.

Big business has not reinvested billions of textile industry profits back into the CNMI and have moved that money to Hong Kong and other foreign locations. Our current administration is tied to the garment magnates from the top down. Our weak administration still aims to execute PL-15-108, despite the diverse throng of residents who marched against the horrifically unjust law, which is reminiscent of Black Codes that followed the US Civil War.

Who could imagine the United States of America handing fifty million dollars to an administration so closely tied to organized crime and with such a history of human rights atrocities? This administration has high dollar mainland lawyers from DC trying to block US intervention and assistance with of our labor and immigration involving lobbyists, propaganda schemes, threats, scare tactics, and all to protect their business interests to the determent of the local citizens here. This should come as no surprise given our involvement with federal prisoner Jack Abramoff. Should not the people here be represented as well? CNMI attorneys have a history of conflicts here but common sence would show they are afraid to stand against big business control here.

This administration recently paid NMI funds to study the impact of federalization of the CNMI. The resultsdid not show what this administration had hoped for and they have not shared the news with the general public…the news is that the CNMI would greatly benefit from federalization.

Congressional staffers and US military advisors in DC reported this week that the adversarial government in the NMI has recently been deleted from Guam military build-up plans until further notice due to lack of cooperation from our big business controlled administration, and simply put, the US Marine base in Tinian has been cancelled!

The current administration is actively lobbying to block the minimum wage increase here, an economic move that would doom a generation of Chamorro and Carolinian graduates to exodus or poverty. Our long befuddled legislature has not taken an official position on administration business associates lobby effort to block the minimum wage law.

I would ask the US to withhold Economic Stimulus Act funds until the US can properly administer and account for the people's money. Further, should the money miraculously become available, I would ask guest workers here to remit their funds to their country of natural origin as an act of UNITY in the commonwealth and in defiance of our weak leadership until PL-15-108 is scrapped. I also ask the US to have FEMA takeover and administer our power, water, hospital, and public schools.

The United States must assure these essential services are available to citizens of our commonwealth and our local government has no financial plan to address these conditions in the near foreseeable future.

Ron Hodges
Puerto Rico, Saipan

babalati said...

Greg Cruz met with the Consul General at the 360.

Unfortunately, their conversation kept going in circles!

Jeff said...

Steve might be one uptight, politically correct, humorless cat, but he's balls on with this, and it's is something I admire about him:

"You try making a living as a sole practicioner who spends most of his time helping people who have difficult causes but no money, and, at best, making no points with the rich and powerful in the process (if they are cheering me, it certainly is not with their pocketbooks."

CNMI soldier said...

jeff - Cast iron and a true weatherman. Fu&k the establishment here.

Anonymous said...

It must be hard getting by on the $300,000 he took in Dekada dues.

Anonymous said...

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