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Feb 27, 2008

Miura Equates Border Control?

The recent turn of events that gathered a large number of Japanese journalists to the CNMI has been regarded by local officials an excellent indicator that the Northern Marianas has a reliable control of its borders.

The Japanese businessman Kazuyoshi Miura's allegedly plotted the murder of his wife back in 1981 made international sensation as Saipan has been mentioned several times in major news network in the US and in the world.

The government expressed that the weekend's event disproved criticism from Washington, D.C. that the local government has poor control over its border. Reports added that it is not difficult to control the local border, as the Commonwealth is an isolated chain of islands.

“Our ports of entry are clearly defined. We have only a few ways to get in and out-by ship or by air. There's no connecting landmass, obviously, since we're a remote island. We have a good border control system here and it is getting better and better,” the government spokesperson said.

Border control, along with national security and the CNMI's history of labor abuse, is among the major concerns commonly cited by supporters of federalizing local immigration. (ST)


bradinthesand said...

this couldn't have happened at a better time. the feds will have a hard time refuting the success of our borders now.

yeah, we got one!

lil_hammerhead said...

There you go.. the US can control immigration, and the CNMI can do border patrol :) Wasn't the opposite suggestion made by the administration?

glend558 said...

It's pretty easy to nab a guy when you are told by another agency where to look and where he is. This sure makes me feel everything should now be in the hands of our underbudgeted and understaffed DPS.
No fault of the DPS, though.

Anonymous said...

The FBI called A1 Real Estate and asked where he was living and our former contract worker/VP directed them quickly to the source. Close another deal for the Saipan Realty HOTLINE.

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A1 and Obama rule!!!!


Relative of a Realtor® said...

Four percent?!!!

People have actually paid a real estate agent that much out here?

I guess you need to compensate for sagging home prices somehow. Are you paying your employees a "living wage"? ;)

Anonymous said...

Does mr png (Papua New Guinea?) have proof of his earlier "voting" poll for most likely to help a contract worker cross the street?

The bishop wins?! What a joke. The guy with two contract worker concubines and a basket full of bastard children in the Philippines and here in the CNM? Why sure he was top rated 'friend' on the list.

The FBI probably called A1 because they know you harbor illegal aliens and underground workers.

A1? More like 4F.

nonsense said...

What a bunch of crap. Hello? It was the US that gave the tip. Our local geniuses could not find jack shiite. No dick tracys working here...only a bunch of dicks.

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