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Apr 7, 2007

F&B 911: Sabo Coffee and Tea Shop

Good news to coffee and tea addicts, this one-week old coffee and tea shop called Sabo is another great news to Saipan for having a real feel of coffee shop. Loved the interior. They even have umbrellas outside for a better coffee and tea experience. Well, great if there's no vog. Sabo is located at the heart of Garapan, along the Cpl Derence Jack Road adjacent Flex Colours Salon (Behind Winchell's).

This shop has huge potential for a great hangout among coffee and tea aficionados. They sell different kinds of tea, from rose to jasmine to chrysanthemums and so many others. The coffee they serve is a Seattle's Best coffee paired with cookies ($5) or with cheese cake ($7). Mind you they don't serve refills. Wi-Fi is coming out soon. No sandwiches yet and other heavier meals.

Accessories and ethnic jewelry from the Philippines are on display too...

Owners are Chinese and Japanese entrepreneurs.

The Reveler


Jeffrey C. Turbitt said...

This place looks nice. Helpful post.

Bev said...

yep, thanks for sharing this spot=)

The Reveler said...

As i said, there's potential here... don't expect too much yet. Wi-fi is up next. I hope soon....

Anonymous said...

Do you know their Telephone Number??

j.t. said...

233 8868

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