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Apr 30, 2007

He Said, She Said: Flaming hot at Flame Tree

The Reveler: Whoa! Did you see this Geek Goddess? Isn't this the hunk of burning love Robert Jordan?
Geek Goddess: How could I have missed this?! Why of all days did I decide to sleep in on Sunday? Argh!

The Reveler: Oooh, isn't he cute!
Geek Goddess: Yes, OH YES! And how he shakes his cute little booty! Makes you want to pinch it a bit, doesn't it?

The Reveler: He should've taken his shirt off. That would be something else.
Geek Goddess: I'm sure you would have drooled!

The Reveler: Who says white men can't hula? Now, I'm feeling hot, hot, hot here.
Geek Goddess: Finally, an appropriate statement (laughs).
The Reveler: Now, don't you start it Geek....hmp.


Anonymous said...

What about that hunk of love, Jonas Barcinas?

garbi*ch said...

Yeah, that conversation sure does sound gay. Not my style.
I wonder, if that little chat was about a woman instead, think she'd be offended? Poor Robert, he's just a piece of meat. Back to my greasy burger...

the reveler said...

yum yum...i meant ur burger...;-)

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