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Apr 27, 2007

Flame Tree Festival

It's the Flame Tree Arts Festival and surprisingly, though, it moved to the Civic Center, there were like a thousand people who trooped the opening ceremony last night. Parking was something one would hope for a stroke of luck.

It's great to feel the island culture of having fun and being exposed to different cultures here in the Commonwealth. The governor was not present during the opening ceremony. Could it be he was having his therapy at night? They said he was in another engagement. Preparing for his Commonwealth Address today, I guess.

Something to look forward to. The Flame Tree Arts Festival for its first night, did a "Pretty Darn Good" job!

The Reveler


anndiwar hall said...

I like the new location under the canopy of flame trees (if only they were in full bloom), plus there's sense of "old" Saipan at Civic Center Beach, and unlike AMP, even rubbernecking passerbyers can experience a little bit of the festival from their cars.

Finding a place to park is not so bad, even if it's a long ways from the festival grounds. The nice walk along the beach makes up for it.

A friend of mine, for the first time, will be performing a cultural dance on Saturday. God help us, there goes the our culture:\

Anonymous said...
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The Reveler said...


Sorry for that. You called me by my first name here. No-no. hehe. Anyway, I like your wife too, she's very nice too. I will ask for one black shirt for Miwa. I will add your site soon. tired from the flame tree.

Thanks a million!!!!

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