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Apr 19, 2007

School in October?

Whoa! Hold on! The Public School System, which follows the federal education standards will start the next school year in October and not in August? That's the decision that PSS and Board of Education officials decided if the current government proceeded with their budget cuts to PSS.

I guess students, as we were young before, would initially be happy that their vacation is going to be extended; however, they wouldn't realize what they'd be missing in the end. The public schools here really need more attention in education. According to studies before (reports from NMC) that the CNMI, though English is the major language or at least the official one, students are "bad" speakers and writers of the language. This didn't come from me, ok. It was NMC's report before.

Poor teachers. Some are from off island, who wanted an adventure in the Pacific. Now, they're up for a huge one, i guess.... Two months without pay? How are they going to pay their rent with that cut? Would their landlords allow them to skip payment for two months? Would the government include them to avail food stamps? If I were a teacher, would I remain on this island?

God forbid.

The Reveler


Marianas Life said...

Thanks for posting about PSS. The legislature needs to feel the heat. The more media attention and people talking about it the better. I have a list of email addresses for the members of the legislature on my blog www.breeanddoug.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

the article is a tactic to get peoples attention, which is good, come on people educating your children is the one most important thing you can do for them and their future! WAKE UP

BoReGo said...

The decision was not one based on political maneuvering. There is no doubt that if nothing is done, the PSS will run out of money. I will be on Tinian next week to see how our Senators tackle this issue. Even Guam give it's PSS the bulk of their central budget,why do we pay so little to the investment in our future?

The Reveler said...

Borego, how did the Tinian talks go?

Anonymous said...

Guam gives it's education system the bulk of their central budget? That only goes to show you that money has little to do with the problem ;) And by the way... teachers get payed through summer break. Teachers who handle summer school get extra pay. Educate yourself a little before you write a piece on education.

The Reveler said...

Anonymous, when you wrote your comment, PSS and the Legislature had already come up with a favorable decision to extract $6M from CUC for PSS. Btw, I knew the teachers are paid through summer BUT PSS was supposed to give a 90-day notice telling the teachers that their last pay would be on July 31st, had the budget request didn't work out, and the Commissioner didn't mention about them getting paid in summer, because their budget would've run out. Believe me, I do my research on PSS here, believe me....

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