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Apr 13, 2007

Scarier than Friday the 13th

If you’re not superstitious, then it should not bother you that it’s Friday the 13th today.

Think of it as nothing scarier than not getting your paycheck given the sorry state of the economy. (How come big businesses close, but not the small massage parlors, karaoke bars and porn shops?)

They tell you to be extra careful today because of, well, the date. But you should be more careful if you park your car somewhere prone to burglars.

Friday the 13th is not fraught with peril. The bloated CNMI government is. It could cut your salary by 10 percent (which it already did, and plans to cut some more), while continuing to hire consultants, special assistants, etc. Now that’s scary.

It takes a year to save hundreds of thousands of taxpayers money by cutting ordinary employees’ wages, and just a few signatures to hire consultants worth more than double the savings from ‘austerity Fridays’.

In fact, you were more scared when you received the first power bill since CUC increased its rates by over 100 percent. But the bad services haven`t changed.

If you lose in the lottery today, it’s not bad luck.

Sure you can make jokes about Friday the 13th but not when you’re about to fill your car fuel tank. Another 8 cents a gallon increase today.

Don’t let Friday the 13th stop you from leaving the house. You have work today.

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