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Apr 9, 2007

When Roads Could Kill

Why did the dogs cross the street?
To test if motorists on Saipan were reckless.

Why did the cats cross the street?
To test if dogs were right about the motorists.

Why do we have so many road kills last week?
Because the animals were trying to look for shelter from the typhoon.

Seriously, are these dogs and cats the dumbest domesticated animals in the planet or Saipan has the dumbest drivers on earth?

I believe I saw seven road kills last week.

I don't mean to be "whatever" here, but in the past my Chinese speaking partner who's an American was in this supermarket in San Jose when two Chinese women were talking about how luscious dogs are on the island. Then, my partner couldn't help it and spoke to them in Mandarin and verified, "Do you really actually eat dogs here?" Then the two Chinese women were so surprised that he could speak in Mandarin. The two Chinese women laughed. Believe it or not, they confirmed to him that they indeed eat dogs here.

I just don't know if they take those that are being run over on the road...

The Reveler


Anonymous said...

Eating dog and road kill are two different issues.

Eating dog is acceptable in some cultures just like eating cow is not acceptable is some cultures as it is sacred...what is not so nice and acceptable would be people stealing dogs to eat. Mean people suck!

Road kill is gross period...and inevitable whenever you having cars being driven around.

I saw a dead dog on the road the other day and stopped with flashing lights and removed the dog to the side in the bush...it's gross to see the bodies all decaying in the road.

Saipan Writer said...

This has been a long-time problem in the CNMI. We need a more responsive and responsible government agency. Just try to find out who should be cleaning up the dead animals on the road. I used to call to see if I could get someone to clean up the dead carcasses.

In the old days, you'd get referred to the then DPHES (health and environment) sanitation department. More recently I've been told to direct calls to the mayor's office or even DPS.

And sorry to say, I've stopped trying. I, too, have stopped and moved dead animal bodies to the side of the road-before they're squished.

Perhaps PAWS would take this "cause" up. Just to get someone to address it.

The Reveler said...

However, due to the suspension of the services of the Mayor's Office because of lack of fuel funds, these road kills will decay, rot and dry up stinking on the road....

Shall we call dog-eating people instead to take them? It's their culture anyway, right anonymous? (peace)

Anonymous said...

you could call them but they want the non diseased/sickly dogs

one reason I never looked to rent on Navy Hill as I heard people get their pets stollen frequently by dog eaters that's why I mentioned that mean people suck! If it's not yours don't take!

The Reveler said...

my gawd! they would actually steal your well loved and groomed pet in place of the Food Stamp?

KAP said...

I know of at least a couple of places that used to (?) buy dogs 'on the hoof'. A good way to get beer money.

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