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May 13, 2007

The Buzz: Of shoes, casinos and esperansa

Welcome to the Buzz!!! Saipan Middle Road's latest tid bits of what the community is hearing about:

First off, the communnity's been hearing about the garment moguls have been meeting up for the establishment of a shoe factory here on Saipan...now that's kinky (boots)!

Next, is the famed La Fiasco, that's what they say about the La Fiesta Mall in As Matuis. Well, another famed company bought it's lease and the buzz around is that, a casino is in the works there. Company's spokeperson wouldn't talk further about it, but admitted that Saipan is a favorable place for a casino than Tinian.

and last, Guma Esperansa wouldn't accept the donation or proceeds from a group that would hold a film showing about a Filipino gay-themed film on Saipan. The "sister" said Guma is a Catholic backed up social service group and it has to be careful. What do you think? For a group that helps battered women, and unfortunate citizens and that is in dire need of financial support, can still be picky huh?

The Reveler


The Saipan Blogger said...

La Fiasco? Hey, the poker parlors have worked out so well, so casinos would only seem natural.

Gay Catholics? I'll support their homophobia when they start putting people to death for swearing. Leviticus 24:16

the reveler said...

luv that

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