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May 8, 2007

Too many community workers, too few professionals

(First, my apologies to The Reveler and Geek Goddess for not posting any blog in the last few days)

This government has become a safe haven for employees who do not have any special skills. Either the employees themselves do not want to acquire special skills (like research or bookkeeping or writing good correspondences) or their employer (the government) fails to provide them with an opportunity to hone their skills or learn new skills. (no wonder private sector employers have second thoughts hiring those from the government if they do not even have a college degree)

I have to say this though: Not all government community workers lack special skills. there are others who can do a lot of things other than answer phones, buy merienda for their bosses or deliver messages or documents using air conditioned vehicles.

But take the Legislature, for example. Lawmakers always have to request other government agencies like the Office of the Public Auditor to come up with a list of, say, those who do not volunteer to have their pays cut. These lawmakers have too many community workers who, if only trained or at least have the patience to really `work`, could easily compile the list for their lawmaker bosses. But no, lawmakers have to rely on OPA, Finance and other agencies that have other more important things to do like investigate corruption or find other ways to save government money -- than compile lists for lawmakers. not only do these lawmakers have lots of community workers. they also have consultants, legal counsels, etc. they could also do the compiling themselves. but that`s what you get for having too many bodies. too few skills or brains.

It`s just frustrating that, even if the government is talking about reduction in force, it fails to recognize some of the basic flaws in its hiring system. why retain government workers who cannot even do simple compilations. or at least a simple gathering of data. they should be the first ones to go if we are talking about reduction in force.

And what`s more disturbing, the Legislature is not covered by the reduction in force touted by Fitial and OPM. the judiciary is also not covered. just like the pay cuts -- not all voluntarily agreed to have their salaries cut by 10 percent.

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Anonymous said...

I agree! No wonder why our government/ community goes no where! Everyone just wants to stay in the same place and never move forward.

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