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May 14, 2007

Film Nights: Ordinary People

What a wonderful thing to do before attending a going away party at 11pm tonight for a friend who's going back home to Japan, but to watch a 1980 movie "Ordinary People." Geek Goddess and I ended up wiping our tears and laugh at ourselves for shedding tears due to this movie.

I bought this film on eBay. I saw this film a long, long time ago and I told myself this movie is beautifully crafted. It won Oscar's Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor, Best Adapted Screenplay and of course Best Director for Robert Redford. It was his directorial debut for this flick.

It's an old film but the acting was wonderful especially Mary Tyler Moore's. I was wondering why she didn't win in this movie for an award. Donald Sutherland was awesome too. Timothy Hutton won the Best Supporting Oscar and he truly deserved it.

This movie, for those of you who haven't seen it, is a must-see. It is not an ordinary drama film nor a film for ordinary people.

Splendid. Truly splendid.

This film really gave us the reason to party and have fun tonight!!!

The Reveler


Marianas Eye said...

I was in high school in Lake Forest when this movie was shot there. It was cool to see all the stars. The movie depicted the affluent north shore of Chicago well.

I haven't seen the flim (as Steve Martin would say) since then.

the reveler said...


CNMI Blogger said...

I was also living in Evanston, first suburb north of Chicago, when this movie was filmed. If you read the book, the main character was supposed to be attending Evanston Township High School -- the same high school I graduated from!


the reveler said...

another wow...

Geek Goddess was still an imagination while I was still breast feeding at that time...;-)

CNMI Blogger said...

Eh? What's that you say? Get closer so I can see you and don't trip over my cane! LOL!

the reveler said...


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