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May 31, 2007

The Name Game

What's in a name?

Attending these several graduation ceremonies on the island gave me the idea to post this topic on the name game. I can't believe as well as stand it when parents of today gave their children in my opinion odd names. It's either they combine the names of both mother and father or these parents just don't think or they think and brainstorm too much.

Here are the names I found, again in my opinion, amusing:

*Alvijane - maybe a combo of Alvin and Jane
*Jayveeann - pretty obvious
*Davian - omigod, this girl's parents must have "Davian" behaviors and they think it's cute?
*BJ - i get excited when I hear this name!
*Almer - either a combo of Alma and Elmer or short for Alzheimer
*Lavatoria - maybe because it sounds Spanish? Or maybe the mom gave birth to the child on a lavatory? I dunno.
*Flowerpot - ok, it's beautiful i guess if you were an American Indian
*Puspus - this one is a last name. You'd think that it's a wound, i mean two wounds or woundwound.

This one is the best for me:

*Holley - yeah there seems nothing wrong with it, except that the parents named it to their eldest son.

There's so many but I'll get back to you for more.

The Reveler


marianas life said...

man you were at hopwood and i didn't see you:*(

how about ridalyn (as in ADD drug?)



all hopwood students. its a trendy thing here to name kids after mom and dad i guess. doug and i got a laugh cuz our kids would be bred, droug, dree, breed, douree, doubree, dougree, dougee, bredou, bredoug.

yeah, no can do with us. thank god

the reveler said...

lol ;-)

Anonymous said...

hey alvijane is my name.

who posted up the name game?

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