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May 12, 2007

Why only now IRS?

How come it has taken a while before the IRS or the CNMI Department of Rev&Tax know of the EITC refund scheme? For such a small US territory with about 275 alleged filers (there maybe more) compared to the estimated 300 on the US mainland caught in years.

Makes you wonder.

One of the individuals who filed for a fraudulent claim told me he paid $475 to the person who prepared the claim, but his bank account was frozen even before he could get his estimated $3,000 from the IRS.

This man said he and other accountants tried to access the Web site used by the woman who was charged on Thursday in connection with the scam, trying to figure out for themselves how to file for tax refund instead of relying on somebody else. He said they didn`t succeed. So now this man and others are thinking that maybe the woman was given a special access by someone from IRS...but that`s only this man and his fellow accountants` opinion.

But if anything, these people who filed for and received tax refunds are only asked to return what they received. No charges...so far.

At least the feds are a little easy on them...(was it also because IRS recognized that it has faults too, like being too late to catch up on what has been goin on for sometime now).

but as they say, better late than never.


Anonymous said...

the CNMI couldnt trace this. remember, these people used a fake address in the states.
besides, if someone asked you some percentage of the money that they could give you, wouldnt you think twice? there's no such thing as easy money, except for illegal ones.

Anonymous said...

I only hope that the CNMI will not be known as islands of scam...

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