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Jun 6, 2007

Republican Debate

CNN is showing the Republican Debate this time. Also great to see probable presidential candidates such as Giuliani, McCain and...uh...romney? hmmm...and others.

They were asked what could they do to improve current admin's work, they said Bush has problems in communication, healthcare, et. al.

Also asked was about immigration reform and what does it mean to be an American. One "presidentiable" said if one comes to US legally, "welcome" but cut the past....

Rudy G. said if he turned New York around, he could also do the same to Washington DC. I guess he will turn the white house to face north. He said America should be in offense in war with Iraq because Iraqis want to go to the US to kill its people....

One said America is becoming a bilingual country, "And it's not good."

One said America will always be a land of opportunity that treats everyone equally.

The Reveler


OMG "oh my god" said...

These presidential hopefuls sound as ignorant (or is it red-necked) as Bush....however some have said it is an ACT that Bush put on to win the presidency....so perhaps they are following his winning tactics ......I have to say it really is an embarassment

the reveler said...

In addition, the presidential candidates shoved the subject on gays and lesbians in the military. Three hopefuls said the debate was not the appropriate time to discuss it.


marianas life said...

okay totally off topic, but, where's the review of STUCK. so sorry i missed you at opening night. doug says he saw you. its the "m" sightings. he says he saw you at hopwood's graduation too. you are an apparition :)

don't miss cast parteh at Oceans after Sat. performance 10 ish.

the reveler said...

oh barbara sher wrote something in Variety already. Why didn't barbara send the review to Trib?

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