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Jun 22, 2007

Autoshop turns into Decepticons

Well, in time for the big movie event in July with the premier of Transformers, I am warning the CNMI especially Saipan residents of "Autoshops" turning into "Decepticons!" Beware of deceiving autoshops such as Advance Autoshop along Middle Road.Why? It's because when you take your car there, it's going to get worse.

My car had a problem with the alternator and they fixed it by getting a third party to supply them the alternator. After a week, they returned the car and after a day's work, I returned the car to the shop because it conked out on me again. Then, that's the time the mechanic admitted that the alternator they gave me was a second hand alternator. But, the autoshop billed us for new alternator.

Then last week the car had similar problems then we took it to the shop that fixed it months ago. The shop said it couldn't figure what the problem was and they checked everything already.

Then we finally took it to another shop and they found out that the problem was the alternator.

The Reveler


you have my sympathy said...

my sympathy goes out to you....

I would much rather talk about the up-coming Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender GLBT event HAIRSPRAY... this is a much needed event here on Saipan.

Those not considering attending please re-think of attending, not for yourself, however for your mankind.

Many youth of today, in Saipan, struggle with being Gay. Why?

There is a flavor of the 'Don't ask Don't tell' here and so the subject of GLBT sexuality is close to NEVER being discussed.

Some may have their high,and in my opinion ungrounded, moral points of view and thus do not support this GLBT community.

Some are too ashamed, yet quitely support their GLBT family member, because the need to follow the social norm.

Yet a few are out and proud.
Thank God for them and all.

Is there a way to have a community be more open, honest, and supportive of this portion of society?

the reveler said...

ey wait, that's supposed to be another topic. Well, let's celebrate the Pride Month everybody!!!!

bigsoxfan said...

Back to the subject. Speed Bumps. No, just kidding. Alternators have issues with the salt air and corrosion of the electrical contacts associated with that sort of stuff. I know, oh Lord, how I know. I would tend to give the shop a little break, alternator/electrical problems are really hard to diagnose and fix, given all the possible points of electrical corrosion in a modern car. Note, the word modern, old cars are simpler, but have more problems due to the length of exposure to our salubrious climate. My point is; find a mechanic who can do the job and expect some dissapointments along the way. There is a shop across from the Mobil station on Middle road. The one on the opposite side, of the side street which meets Beach road at Wild Bills. There is also a fellow in Tanapeg, behind the I mart. Good luck.

Weird Elle said...

next time, check McGyver`s auto shop...also on...dyaraaaaan! where else? Middle Road.

bigsoxfan said...

I would be a little skeptical of a place called McGyver. That is, anywhere else but here. What a cool name. What guts, to admit they are willing to use a little wire and tape. As my old mechanical engineering instructer used to say; "a little gum, a little tape, look fine, last a long time." Go with Mcgyvers. Marge' sisters can't be wrong. I'm almost hoping that I will have a major failure so I can go in and explore the shops' identity in depth. Not that I have to wish, with my car it will happen.

the reveler said...

the autoshop wanted to look at it again, because they know that they cheated me. so to save their face, they will look at it again and change the alternator, i hope.

my point is: they charged for a $175 alternator only to admit that their supplier did give a second hand one. The other autoshop was surprised bec. the second hand should only have cost $100 or less.

bigsoxfan said...

Lets see; tried three alternators, one worked. Battery cell dead and Starter motor needed rebuilding/cleaning, then the igition coil went up. Battery 60$, alternator $80 (salvaged),starter (elbow grease), engine fuse and tow 180$, ignition coil and tow 180$, starter again.. DEQ has been eyeing the oil slick, so I park on dirt. Most of the time, I drive a rented scooter. good on gas, skip all the hassles. Except, impending death on many occasions. If gay/lesbian/trans were treated like scooter commuters, there would be one hell of a s**t rain.

bradinthesand said...

yeah, but it would be s**t raining men! ha ha, couldn't resist....

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