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Jun 5, 2007

"Stray Cats" thank you

For those who took time last night to see the Filipino flick "Stray Cats" a big thanks from RaveSaipan, Saipan Grand Hotel and Napu Life Foundation.

For a Saipan stats, the figures that showed up were significant already, I believe over 70 that showed up was a great turnout considering the subject of the film. The discussion afterwards was so intense despite lack of time.

The discussion went so well that we are now thinking of a group discussion about the issues that surround the LGBT lifestyles every month or once in a while. Anyone interested in the program should shoot us an email and we will notify you about the start of this project.


In celebration of the premier of John Travolta's flick, Hairspray, the RaveSaipan and Saipan Grand Hotel will hold the first ever pride party at the hotel lobby and Club V. We call the party "Hairspray: a grand pride party." Every one is invited to witness the best Hairspray hairdos to be paraded during the party. Grand Pride Party will be on June 21, Thursday, again at the Saipan Grand Hotel Lobby and the Club V.

The Reveler


Kudos said...

Thanks and big H & K to all that put on a wonderful production!

the reveler said...

anytime! cya at the pride.

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