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Jun 4, 2007

Democratic Debate

Watching the Democratic Debate on CNN now where nine of the "presidentiables" are babbling it out about what they think of issues facing the nation now. It's interesting to know their insights about gasoline, oil, and the middle east.

Such intelligence overflowing except for one governor who gloats in his own glory being the conservationist. I couldn't help compare these officials and lawmakers to the CNMI candidates during the gubernatorial debate here. Yes, actually there was a debate before the election and personally the current governor didn't shine enough during that debate, as far as I can recall.

Interesting to see Clinton and Obama up on one stage.

The Reveler


Anonymous said...

I'm at awe by the senseless demogogary uttered by these so-called candidates is there no one left in the Democratic Party that can lead by example what a bunch of rookies and they criticize G.W. I'm appalled...closest person that comes to the intellect and posssible leadership is Sen. Biden but unfortunetly much akin to CNMI politics...he won't get the popularity votes.

Rep. Pub Lick said...

so what about the Rep Debate did u see it?

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