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Jun 13, 2007

Just when you think nothing interesting is happening here

Who says there`s nothing else to do on Saipan than having politics for breakfast, the latest rumors for lunch and reading blogs for dinner? happy hour is something else.

Saipan, roughly the size of San Francisco, only needs people with creative minds and adventurous spirits to keep the island interesting on any given weekend not only for the locals but also for short- or long-term visitors to the island.

Blogging, of course, has become a staple. Thanks to Jeff T., Angelo V., Boni V., Ruth T., Brad R., Jane M., too many to mention...

Beach Road Magazine`s first-ever Saipan car rally on May 26 was a good one. Beach Road should do another one. (All able and willing bloggers should join next time)

PAWS` best of the worst dog show in May was also a first.

For parents with kids 7 to 12 years old, they can still register their children for the second and third week of the DYS summer youth sports camp (DYS # 664-2584/8657)

Trek to Forbidden Island beach, Bird Island beach, follow the trail leading to Old Man by the Sea or go to Hidden Beach, Cow Town beach, etc. or from Suicide Cliff down.

Call Angelo Villagomez or Cinta Kaipat if you want to contribute to `beautifying` CNMI.

Volunteer with social service agencies.

hold a photo exhibit of different ways of chewing betel nuts. the different phases and faces of doing so. the different betel nut stains left on pathways, roads, etc. nobody has done this. attention: TacDer

join tina sablan`s causes.

attend sessions of the House or Senate. and it may give your another reason why joining Tina`s movement is a must.

the pride party on June 21 at the Saipan Grand Hotel`s Club V should be fun.

organize film showings...classic movies.

contact Bob Schwalbach for `global warming` presentations/lectures. it`s something for everyone. Saipan is a small island. imagine what global warming, rising sea temperatures and a rise in sea level could do to Saipan. e-mail him: bobschwalbach@gmail.com. hurry up, he`s leaving on Tuesday.

donate books to the library.

go fishing. literally and figuratively.

what else?


BoReGo said...

Go for a walk, and like Hope says (www.heygomez.blogspot.com) bring a trash bag! Kiss someone on the cheek. Pay for someone's coffee without telling them. Call your parents just to say hello! Volunteer to paint Garapan School this summer. Hey Rev: I'm Boni G. not V. Gomez- without the village. Lastly, go to Porky's tomorrow night and help support NMA!!!!

Marianas Eye said...

Or offer to write a post on "Saipan This Week"!

C'mon guys.


Weird Elle said...

Noted, Boni G!

Kiss someone on the cheek? hmmm, love that!

the reveler said...

borego, ive always known your last name ;-)


BoReGo said...

So who's Elle, and why so weird?

Weird Elle said...

borego, you don`t have to know me :) i`m really weird and full of ironies.

BoReGo said...

I think there's a pill for that:)

Alanis said...

jagged little pill...

naughty nut said...

i like the betel nut photo exhibit. we can add the ways on spitting it (video), with style, and perfection without staining your fingers.

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