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Jun 16, 2007

Marijuana Islands

OMG! The international media have been picking up local news from the CNMI and just today, we received emails and alerts that this Australian media is calling the Mariana Islands now Marijuana Islands. Clever though with the pun.

For those of you who haven't been in the loop locally, the local government at least some of its constituents have proposed to legalize Ms. Mary Jane on the island to boost the economy.

In this regard, some changes will occur: NMI would be - Northern Marijuana Islands: the trench would be - Marijuanas Trench; local paper - Marijuanas Variety; tourism agency - Marijuanas Visitors Authority and it's annual food fest - Taste of the Marijuanas...

The Reveler

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bigsoxfan said...

As if there weren't enough difficult issues floating around. I suppose, the CNMI is uniquely located for legalization to be a possibility. What a concept to inspire total alienation from the mainland US. Let's see; Sweatshops inspire salivating and censure from the left and maryjane would surely produce the same result from the right side of the spectrum.

Has the government really weighed in on legalization? Or, as the tribune reported recently, has the AG's office merely been consulted on the legal aspects of hosting a conference sponsored by the pro side.
Tempest in a tea pot or fire in the hole?

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

In the US they'd be calling for Attorney General Smokey's head

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

In the US they'd be calling for Attorney General Smokey's head

Merry Jane said...


bigsoxfan said...

This whole mess of an issue is so out there, it deserves to be ignored. Bruce B. may have passed the limits on satire with the labor/self-immolation issue, but IT WAS SATIRE. I have one definition of satire; which calls attention to a serious issue by casting, same in an overblown way. Read Candide, by Votaire, if you wnat some extreme examples. The security guard from Nepal, just struck a little close to home. We (the contributers/commenters) are wasting our time by giving credence and bandwith to a ridculous idea. "The worst paper" in my humble opinion is the Guam PDN, except on Sunday, and they have an editorial page today, full of ideas for alternative energy. Great ideas which could ap;ly to Saipan, if the bond rating here wasn't so abysmal. Why Guams is better I can't explain, given their problems. Well, I could and most people could, but this damn box is too narrow for any serious writing.
Here's one to pull the sails away from the naysayers. "the wind blows from the eastern side of the island and the majority of the residents and the tourist are on the western side, so put the wind field on the eastern side of the center ridge. "

Not that generating power from the trade winds is anything to be ashamed of, but might as well nip the complaints' in the bud. Also, Maybe instead of stealing copper wire and allowing neighbors' illegal hookups (nudge, nudge, nod, nod, wink, wink) the people benefiting from the lower rates will do the right thing.

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