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Aug 23, 2007

Burglar King Anyone?

Yes. I was not spared from the attack of the Burglar Kings. Our house was burglarized last night, taking two of our mac laptops (MacBook and iBook G4) Now, im using a borrowed Vaio, thanks to TacDer. We came home and discovered our glass window by our dining table was smashed into pieces and the window screen was totally ripped for entry. The burglars took my other Nokia 3230 gsm phone, videocamera, external hard drive, and gameboy SP.

Life has become so tough now, that people really resort to such crimes. Let's befriend CrimeStoppers now....

This life changing incident has made me tired of posting in this blog for a moment. Can't sleep thinking and dreaming that the Kings might attack again. ;-( Geek and Weird have long been hibernating in an early winter season. So, all I can say is that watch for your possessions at home, the Burglar Kings might attack any moment with a Simpson's action figure.

The Reveler


Bruce A. Bateman said...

Buy a Doberman. Train to expect extra biscuits for blood. Leave him INSIDE the house whenever you leave. Collected scraps of burglar will perhaps contain fingerprints for identification prior to burial.

Your stuff may be a bit messy but will still be there.

rev said...

thanks for the tip. no wonder our chihuahua didn't help that much. i wonder why...;-)

seriously, it's a sad note for all of us.

BoReGo said...

That's just really disgusting that someone would do that. I am so sorry.

rev said...

thanks boni. Hows school?

CNMI Blogger said...

Sorry to hear about your plight. I really think those neighborhood watch programs should be encouraged to flourish in every neighborhood.

My niece and her family got hit a couple weeks ago.

The police can't do it alone. We all must help each other.

Did you file a police report? Did you keep a copy of the serial number on your belongings? I know most of us don't think about this, but it would be helpful to identify your belongings in the event they were recovered. The Pawn Shops ought to be visited.

Which brings me to this question: Do Pawn Shops indirectly encourage burglaries or not? Just a question. Perhaps if they do, then we ought to rethink their place in this community. I know a lot of people like them.

rev said...

yes we did. thanks for the concern. we are definitely moving to a new place and serve other burglars perhaps.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Answer: Yes, they do, Cinta. Pawnshops, here and everywhere, are the main 'fences' for stolen property. They are the professional burglar’s best friend.

Apparently, the 'recycling centers' are becoming the pawn shops for metallic commodities.

Enforcement is lax, or maybe nonexistant. Recordkeeping is the real key. Problem is it is not often in the pawn shop owners best self interest to report stolen stuff. So maybe a percentage reward system or something could be devised. It would be nice if they would all become upstanding citizens and report crime when they suspect it, but a reward is far more likely to work. Maybe couple the reward with a big stick for not reporting.

How about a requirement for anyone to pawn something they must show a receipt or a bill of sale to authenticate that they are indeed the rightful owner. No receipt, no pawn.

This could be a good piece of legislation, Cinta, if done right.

rev said...

you won't believe how the forensics work in this type of situation. i remember one woman got burglarized and complained and former dps commissioner santiago apologized to that woman. guess what the police told us, "let us know if you find it."

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Guess there is no doubt about who you guys are after today's story in the Trib ehh?

Well, I hope you find your stuff. Have you thought about offering a reward "no questions asked"? Might work if you offer more than a pawn shop will for the laptops.

rev said...

ΓΌ we disappear in the dark of the night like batman. Thanks for the advice!

pilgrim said...

I had a 410 single shot shot gun with ammo which consisted of a single pellet which was a "slug". Yes, it was registered for hunting (not personal protection)... but any "bird" that came into my house would have gotten that slug right between the eyes.

I wonder how that would play in the press, or the community, if the very first "bird" who broke into a residence with children sleeping, would be taken out in an ambulance to the hospital, perhaps morgue. I wonder if I would be the one in jail for "bird"slaughter, attempted or otherwise?

mecca said...

depends if you can fit in your cell...

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