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Aug 25, 2007

The Buzz: The Railroad to Recovery

Oh no, not that the CNMI will have a railroad construction here to take Marpi residents to Garapan and San Antonio, but this railroad is meant for "the CNMI's recovery." The Middle Roaders just heard from someone who works for a federal office that the US department of that office has instructed the NMI office to restructure and prepare for the federal take over. His term was "railroading" and "sure."

The Buzz among the federal workers is that the implementation is set next year (yeah, we've all heard about that before). Now, here's an old one, a contract worker went back to his country to renew his US visa, but was told by the consul to wait for the takeover.

Now, now. Down boy, down. Fetch!

The Rev


BoReGo said...

Shall we name our railroad the Chew Chew Train?

Anonymous [#82] said...

How many votes in Congress does a consul have?

Bruce A. Bateman said...

The same number as a non voting delegate.

Pilgrim said...

How many laughs does a non-voting delegate get when doing a stand up routine before congress?

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Lots if he is wearing a Stetson.

Anonymous [#82] said...

A delegate to Congress gets to vote in any Committee to which he is assigned. Territorial delegates are traditionally made members, at least, of the House Committee on Natural Resources -- which decides issues pertinent to oversight of the insular areas.

On the other hand, a consul at a U.S. embassy has no particular insight or effect, whatsoever, on the enactment of federalization legislation.

If a consul wants to railroad anyone (other than unfairly denying a visa by any excuse, including tricking people to postpone their applications), he should buy a ticket.

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