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Aug 15, 2007

Chamber and the President on Fire

This is not a regular scene from the lobby of the Guma Hustisia House of Justice in Susupe. This was the scene today during the Congressional Hearing with Reps. Christian Dior, Bored-hallow, and Fatun-gaga (who could remember the names anyway). Anyway, going back to the Chamber, I guess, the Saipan Chamber of Commerce finally came around to let Alex Sablan to speak on its president's behalf.


1. Did they let Alex Sablan speak up because he is more eloquent and articulate?
2. Did they let Alex Sablan speak up because his business would not be directly affected by such boycott threat?
3. Did they let Alex Sablan speak up because he is more telegenic?

You tell me.

Btw, Juanpan (Chamber president) was inside the court room for the hearing. He was present.


Jeff said...

I would guess all three.

pun intended said...

lol. Aint that hillarious clinton at its best!

bradinthesand said...

for certain it's one and three...

…but at least the king of bread made a wise choice by putting the poster boy at the table. that’s more than other organizations can say. for instance, now i can sit back and wonder when:

-you’re going to write about the wonderfully articulate gregorio cruz?

-or when you’ll touch on the testimony of mister "i can't speak in complete sentences unless it's written by my legal counsel," oscar babauta?

-and possibly wait until you talk more about how seƱor dekada just wanted to send money to his family?

all in all it was a good exercise in democracy at the supreme court but truthfully it seemed to be an empty exercise, which mrs. christensen explicitly said it wasn’t at the end of the session.

not trying to sound like a ‘nam vet or anything but if you weren’t there you wouldn’t understand.

Anonymous said...

it can't be a "good excercise in democracy" and "an empty excercise" at the same time. democracy played absolutely no role in this hearing...more like a monarchy that will force its bureaucracy on us, ensuring we're restyled into a social and political dependency...

is that willy cochran enough for you? ;)

mmmmm...this fiji bitter is delish

pun intended said...

lol. Aint that hillarious clinton at its best!

Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't Alex's businesses be affected by a boycott? All it would take is for people to have strong convictions, instead of simply picking out an easy target. Just don't buy anything that is touched by Saipan Shipping. Oh. Wait. That's everything. Not so easy to put your money where your mouth is, is it?

Bruce A. Bateman said...

All three of the above.

glend558 said...

I pick #4 Juanpan don't know what hes saying. He babbles. Did you see his comments about the alien workers staying here bringing all their families in, while saying at the same time that all will be leaving?

rev said...

yup. i was supposed to post something about it. my take on that is that if that happens, bringing the families here in the CNMI would contain the contract workers money being remitted back home to the cnmi, thus more purchasing power will take place. Hence, business will flourish. i believe that everything is interrelated, in the big chain of life.

Envelop Ideas said...

The dye is cast! There's little or nothing we can do about it.
But it was a beautiful sight to see Greg and Boni sitting side by side. Imagine if these groups would accomodate each other, it would be a potent force for change, self serving politicians will be out of job and oppurtunist businesses will be ban.

Fairness for all will prevail and we will live happily ever after.

Taga Was Fat Too said...

True, but:

-neither one of them has a job

-both of them lead sham organizations

As far as fairness:

Fairness will prevail when Dekada honors the agreed upon labor contracts and stops whining.

Fairness will prevail when Taotao Tano starts realizing it's part of the problem rather than the solution.

Fairness will prevail when I can get Budweiser at a 50-cents a can.

Fairness will prevail when all of the f$@*ing haoles stop telling everyone what to do.

Fairness will prevail when Uncle Dave stops babbling on the radio in the morning.

Fairness will prevail when people named Harry grow hair.

Fairness will prevail when the prohibition of abortions is taken out of the CNMI's constitution.

Fairness will prevail when people are allowed to settle the Northern Islands.

Fairness will prevail when those same people become small enough to fit more than two of them on a boat to get them there.

Fairness will prevail when Jaime Vergara stop writing nonsene.

Fairness will prevail when Gonzalo stops talking to Tan Canda.

Fairness will prevail when Ambrose Bennett stop writing Letters to the Editor.

Fairness will prevail when the Legislators learn what honesty is all about.

Fairness will prevail when the Filpinos fix their own damn country.

Fairness will prevail when the Chamorros stop fucking their islands up.

Fairness will prevail when the Carolinians stop spitting when they talk to people.

Fairness will prevail when the cost of the legal taxis reflect the need of the public.

Fairness will prevail when Juan Pan gets a break from all of the whiny bitches.

Fairness will prevail when we realize that the Northern Marianus Islands aren't as important as everyone keeps saying they are.

Fairness will prevail when that pussy from saipansucks.com admits who he is and does a book signing tour on Saipan.

Fairness will prevail when cats and dogs stop their brutal seven year war.

Fairness will prevail when Zaldy Dandan admits he's gay and makes sweet love to Jayvee Vallejera in a man-on-man, paper-on-paper lovefest.

Fairness will prevail when Wendy Doromol gets to kiss a boy.

Fairness will prevail when Dengre comes to the islands to see what life is all about.

Fairness will prevail when people like Bruce Bateman can steer a boat better than public opinion.

Fairness will prevail when Stanley Torres pays his damn CUC bill and gets over it, already!

Fairness will prevail when the students in our local school can finally wipe their asses with toilet paper.

Fairness will prevail when the boonie dogs get a non-voting delegate in Congress.

Fairness will prevail when the people of the CNMI can enjoy cockfights and pussyfights.

Fairness will prevail when everyone admits they’re gay.

Fairness will prevail when smaller people stop getting sucked into Clyde Norita’s gravitational field.

Fairness will prevail when I win the Lottery.

Fairness will prevail when “We Accept Food Stamp” gets a lower case “s.”

Fairness will prevail when our hospital can do more than give out band-aids and aspirin.

Fairness will prevail when Burger King sends us rations from Guam.

Fairness will prevail when people like Alex Sablan are tall enough to get into Disneyland.

Fairness will prevail when tourists aren’t abused worse than the garment workers.

Fairness will prevail when Duty Free is actually duty free.

Fairness will prevail when the karaoke clubs change their name to “fuck clubs with a little bar on the side of the wall.”

Fairness will prevail when I don’t have to wait a week for a funeral procession to pass on Beach Road.

Silly Socrates said...

Okay that was very redundant? Don't you think? I just scrolled down.

Just posing some questions,
Silly Socrates

Taga Wasn't Fat At All said...

This fairness comments is sooo bradinthesand. ya think?

bradinthesand said...

at least some of it, for sure, but i'm not a bud drinker.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

I damned near wet myself reading Taga's posers. Thanks for the reality check.

porky-dorky said...

ur always wet bruce.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Wet and loving it.

billy wonka said...

Oh man that was awesome...

In reality- I think the saipansucks.com guy goes to bed at night wrapped in the CNMI flag as a blanket.

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